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Guest: Author RWK Clark

I am pleased to welcome R WK Clark this week. I’ve had my eye on him as a guest for some time. His works cover a number of fictional genres, perhaps ‘something for everyone’, but certainly not ‘all for everyone’, … Continue reading

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Guest Fox, M. R. Anglin

Welcome, Michele By Jeff Salter I’ve only recently encountered Michele Anglin, a new colleague at Clean Reads, so her booking as my Guest Fox was a chance for me to get to know her a little better. Michele has a … Continue reading

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Guest Author: Kristin Wallace and The Heiress Games Series

On my monthly book review post, I’ve shared a bit about each of Kristin Wallace’s latest three-book series called The Heiress Games. I decided to ask Kristin to come and answer some questions I had about the series, and she … Continue reading

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What RUNS in the Family?

“What hereditary characteristic(s) do you have that you’re happy with? Are there any that make you unhappy?” is our question this week. Well! How does one not toot one’s own horn? By all concerned, my sister was always considered the … Continue reading

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Hereditary Characteristics — Good and Bad

What Was In That Blood, Anyway? By Jeff Salter This week, we’re blogging about the hereditary characteristics we recognize… and whether we like them (or not). Hmmm. I don’t think about hereditary traits all that much. These days there seems … Continue reading

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Aren’t you just the spitting image…

Not of my parents, but of my sister. Three of my siblings have fairer skin that tends more toward burning than tanning, and three of us have darker hair (Well, it used to be darker. Now it’s whiter and receding.) … Continue reading

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A Bit of Everything

We’re discussing hereditary characteristics that we have inherited this week. I have my father’s chin dimple (that’s what my mother calls it) and his dark hair, my mother’s green eyes. I’ve never really felt like I looked much like either … Continue reading

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Mirror, Mirror

For the past six months, my brothers and I have been helping our mom downsize. That means digging through sixty-plus years of collections, deciding what to keep, what to give away, and what to throw out. My dad grew up … Continue reading

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Richly Expressive Locales…or Not

Free Week and once again, I have to admonish writers for using words without knowing their meaning, or for not doing their research. Mistakes will be made, but most can be avoided. I will not write this just to rant; … Continue reading

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Two Things On My Mind

Father’s Day and a New Novel By Jeff Salter It’s a “free” week at Four Foxes One Hound, which means no assigned topic. But I have two things on my mind this week. Father’s Day One concerns these few days … Continue reading

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