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The Wooly, The Prickly, The Creepy, and The Snuggly

This week we’re talking about unusual pets. I’ve certainly had my share. For as long as I can remember animals have been a large part of my life. Growing up we always had cats and dogs. My first unusual pet … Continue reading

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Pets, or Pests?

This week’s topic is about pets, and whether or not we’ve had or wanted unusual pets. There have been a few animals in my life, but none that I would consider unusual. I definitely don’t want any pets, either common … Continue reading

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A Library By Any Other Name…

What is a ‘library’? My grandson asked me to read a YA book, the first of a series. It started out not much to my taste, (unlike so many other he has chosen), but it picked up to be interesting … Continue reading

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Officer, May I Speak?

Rousted While (Mostly) Innocent By Jeff Salter             [Note: this incident actually happened – five years ago – and I recorded it at the time… so as to be completely accurate as to what occurred.] The Safety Officer thoroughly eyeballed … Continue reading

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It Was All the More Terrifying Because We Couldn’t See Them Coming

Picture this.  The sun is shining like golden fire in a cloudless, Carolina blue sky.  The ocean sparkles, and waves break on the sand around the feet of delighted, screaming children.  Gulls cry overhead, adding their voice to that of … Continue reading

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Re-reading an Old Favorite

The past few weeks have been busy for me. I’ve been working on illustrations, working on Stalled Hearts, writing for clients, and working a second job. It hasn’t left a lot of time for me to just read but I … Continue reading

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Remarkable Reads for 2018, Part Seven

I’m frantically working on completing a novella to be included in an anthology later this year. Right now it’s about 80 percent complete, so I’ll wait until it’s done to share more about it. For now, I’ll just let you … Continue reading

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War and Peace

At any period of your life, did your extended family have big “get-togethers” around Independence Day? is our question of the week. As everyone should know by now, I grew up in the Washington, DC suburbs. The Fourth of July … Continue reading

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Big Holiday Bash?

How Has My Family Celebrated July Fourth By Jeff Salter Eleven of my twelve school years were spent in the wonderful small town of Covington LA. From those otherwise memorable formative years, I don’t recall any significant family gatherings around … Continue reading

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Happy Fourth of July

Happy Birthday, America, and Happy Fourth of July to all of you. My name is Elaine Cantrell, and I’m your new Wednesday fox. I was born and raised in South Carolina.  I hold a Master’s Degree in Personnel Services from … Continue reading

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