What I LIKE About Winter

Hmm… Might be Easier to List What I DON’T Like

By Jeff Salter

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I positively HATE winter. It’s just that it takes me a few minutes to “warm” to the process of identifying the few things I LIKE about it.

When I spotted the topic for this week, it seemed rather familiar… even though we probably haven’t covered the winter season in this particular regard.

[See below for links to Hound Day blogs that MENTION winter.]


So this catches me “cold” and forces me to apply new thinking to the matter.

As many of you will know – either from posts here on 4F1H or elsewhere – I spent most of a year stationed at an air base in the Arctic. Prior that that remote tour, I don’t recall being particularly affected by cold weather — though (to be fair) except for two years in Chicago and one year in Iowa, I hadn’t actually lived in a northerly clime before that point.

Here’s a look at Thule Air Base, in N.W. Greenland… which may show you why cold weather made such an impact on me.


A typical “street” at Thule Air Base. Those are barracks on either side. During the deepest part of winter there were some 12 weeks of “Arctic Night” during which the sun never appeared above the horizon.

Kentucky, where I’ve lived these dozen years since retiring, has an honest-to-goodness cold winter, but it’s mainly the perils of driving on snow and ice – and at least once each winter getting snowed-in to the point that we can’t even reach the road – that worry me.

The temperature itself – here in KY – has not been the main issue… since 35 degrees here feels a LOT warmer than the same thermometer reading in high-humidity Louisiana (where I lived for much of four decades). [Based on the type outer wear I use here, compared to what I wore in LA for the same thermometer reading, I’d say the same reading feels about 20 degrees warmer here, in lower-humidity KY.]

But this background has been mainly a “warm-up” — I’m here to relate what I LIKE about winter. My list is short, but sincere — I like (or love, if I may say it):

The LOOK of winter,

The crisp, clean SMELL of winter,

The peaceful SILENCE of winter,

The things one can DO in winter that can’t be done any other time (like sledding, building snow forts, etc).

The way hot chocolate TASTES and feels… only when your body is especially chilled. [And speaking of taste, have you noticed that chili and gumbo – among other dishes – actually taste better during cold weather?]


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What do YOU like (or love) about winter?


[JLS # 412]


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14 Responses to What I LIKE About Winter

  1. jbrayweber says:

    What do I like about winter? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It’s cold. I hurt and don’t move when I’m cold. I get depressed when its cold. Yup, hate it.
    I will say that there is a beauty to winter—the right kind of winter, that is. The fluffy, thick snow on a natural landscape is very awe-inspiring. Though I’ve never experienced winter where it snows, I am certain I will still feel the same about it. Because, well…it’s cold.

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  2. LOW humidity in Kentucky? Boy, you should have moved out west. I lived in Idaho for less than a year and a half, then just over 11 years in Colorado, and the cold was so insidious that you never realized ho cold it was until 1) you found out the actual temperature or 2) your face started to freeze. The cold in KY, 40F degrees warmer, feels far colder than 40F colder in the west.

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  3. I’ve lived in Norway and I’ve lived in a rain-forest on the equator. Talk about extremes. I spent most Christmases turning on the window units all over the house so the windows would condensate and it would feel so chilly while we open gifts. Hot chocolate was ALWAYS a must!
    I do like winter because of the hushed presence of God that you can feel down in your bones after a heavy snowfall out in the country. I love family time which includes lots of games and big jigsaw puzzles. I love soups and stews that seem to bubble along in my kitchen many times a week. I love how fresh and crisp the air feels when I go out for a walk. I love hibernating!

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  4. Winter is a beautiful season! I have noticed that soups and chilis and hot chocolates taste so much better when you’re chilled through. We certainly have soup more often in the cold months than we do any other time of year, Once the middle of October comes around its soup season in our house.

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  5. Elaine Cantrell says:

    I don’t envy you that time in the arctic. The cold would be bad enough, but I’d hate the darkness. My sister lives in Alaska and gets a taste of it.

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    • Jeff Salter says:

      yeah the midnight sun (no darkness at all) was easier to tolerate, but also upsetting to the biological clock.
      But the arctic night was tough. some guys stayed “high” — when off duty presumably — to cope. I watched movies at the base theater, played ping pong, assisted with the chaplain’s jigsaw puzzles, ate “midnight” supper every night, and wrote poetry.


  6. There aren’t a lot of things I like about winter, but the main thing I like is that we don’t have 100 degree temps in the winter, the humidity is lower, in general, the grass doesn’t need cutting as much, and Christmas. That about covers it for me. 🙂

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  7. Patricia Kiyono says:

    My niece lived in Barrow, AK for three years. There’s a website connected to a weather camera that’s on 24/7 and we could see how dark it was through several weeks in the winter. She’s happy to be back in Michigan! I agree with the things you specified as things you like.

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