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Name Calling

How Does One Address Relatives? By Jeff Salter There’s a minor debate about whether this topic was originally suggested by me… or one of the resident foxes. If it was by me, I don’t remember what I was thinking about. … Continue reading

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Nope, We Don’t Do It Much

An honorific is a conventional word, title, or grammatical form that signals respect,politenessor social deference. The honorific is also known as a courtesy title or an address term. Compared to other countries we don’t use a lot of honorifics. Common ones are Mr., Mrs., Miss., … Continue reading

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  This week, the resident hound asked, “What forms of address do you use in your family?” I found this topic difficult to expound upon. It’s not because my family members call each other weird names, but because we don’t. … Continue reading

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Collecting Old Books

Free Week and it caught me by surprise! I often have inspirations on a list for these times, but I seem to have used them up without replenishing them. I have another list of ideas which I have in mind … Continue reading

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I Call Them My Bookend Books

Two Different Novellas that Hang Together By Jeff Salter It wasn’t long after I completed writing my novella, “One Simple Favor,” that I had an idea about how to follow it. 1SF deals with a very reluctant young lady, guilted … Continue reading

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Bringing Your Characters to Life

If you’re an author, you hope to create memorable characters who will help your story come alive and captivate your readers.  Most authors, get to know their characters inside and out before they even begin a book, but how do … Continue reading

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Goodreads Challenge 2019, Part One

Once again, it’s my goal to read fifty books this year. But this year, I’m working hard to read more of the paperbacks on my actual bookshelf. I’ll still read electronic books when I read ARCs, but I’m going to … Continue reading

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