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Stop Write Now

  What stops us in our tracks while writing? People have mentioned before that it must be difficult to be the Friday Fox, since everything that could be said on a topic must have already been said. I generally find … Continue reading

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Noise, People, Commotion, & External Obligations

What stops me dead in my tracks when writing? By Jeff Salter This week’s topic, suggested by our Wednesday Fox, may very well turn into a rant for me. But first, let me explain why some of the more typical … Continue reading

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Ack! I’ve Got Work To Do

What stops a writer dead in his/her tracks when writing? Obviously, the answer will be different for different people. For me, there are three things that block my inspiration, and until I take care of them I can’t continue with … Continue reading

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A Grinding Halt

The lights are dimmed, silence in the house except for my music coming from the laptop (right now its Celtic Woman, my favorite group and the music fits what I’m writing), a cat snuggled on my lap, another perched near … Continue reading

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Git ‘er Done!

One of our foxes asked, “What stops you dead in your tracks when writing?” For me, it’s usually one of these six things: Family needs: Of course, this is the non-negotiable interruption. When my mom needs to get to the … Continue reading

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Guest: Author J.C.Wing

I’d like to introduce you to a Facebook Friend of mine and of The Hound’s, J.C. Wing. She is one busy lady! JC. is a writer, editor, proofreader, administrator, publisher, and for 15 years, was a homeschooling mom. Her published … Continue reading

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Account of a Famous WW2 Battle

Written by a Correspondent Who Was There By Jeff Salter Having a life-long interest in military history – and especially about World War Two – I’ve read countless books and many hundreds of articles. Though I cannot adequately explain specifically … Continue reading

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