Goodreads Challenge 2019, Part Three

It’s only been a few weeks since our last free week, so I’ve only finished two more books toward my Goodreads goal of 50 books for the year. But two books in two weeks keeps me on track! Both of these are enjoyable romances, so I’m happy to share them with you!


Taming Miss Tisdale by Jessica Jefferson
Regency Blooms, Book Two

Jessica is a member of my local chapter of Romance Writers of America (RWA). She writes somewhat spicy regency romances with quirky heroines. I got this particular romance during a promotion of some kind, but didn’t get a chance to read it until now. This is the second in a three-book series about a trio of sisters. Tamsin is quite a tomboy with little regard for elegance or manners. Due to a recent scandal in London, she’s been sent to stay with her uncle and cousin in the country. She has a talent for sneaking off unchaperoned, and one of her early morning rides she meets a friendly man on the neighboring estate who introduces himself as Mr. Winston. Marcus Winston is the Duke of Grayson, but finds the title restricting. With Tamsin he can be himself, especially since she doesn’t know he’s the duke. He has to decide whether he will fulfill his duty as a peer of the realm, or follow his heart.

I noticed a number of negative reviews on this book, but don’t let them sway you. I’m glad I didn’t see them until after reading, because I really enjoyed it. Tamsin is a bit eccentric, but she really didn’t do anything that I considered unbelievable. And while Marcus isn’t exactly a “manly man,” his sheltered background presented a plausible explanation for his actions. I’m hoping to read some of the others in this series.



The Spy Prince by Julia Keanini
Princes of Valdoria, Book Four

After reading and reviewing the first four books in this series, I started reading the final installment almost as soon as it became available. The last of the four Valdorian princes is Elliott. Now that his three brothers have found their soul mates, the attention of the “prince hunters” has turned to him. But he has reasons for avoiding commitment. He is known as the Playboy Prince, never dating a woman more than once. The true reason for the lack of attachment has more to do with his undercover work with R&N, an agency based in America. Lauren Rossi is also an operative with R&N, and she’s also the daughter of the boss. She’s been assigned to be Elliott’s “fake girlfriend” in a dangerous mission to take down a human trafficking operation, but it isn’t long before they both have doubts about keeping the relationship purely an act.

Since this is a romance, there is of course a happy ending, and the villain is taken down, but the ending is quick and takes place “off stage” so I was a bit disappointed there, but the relationship arc is well done and I enjoyed watching the couple fight their feelings before giving in to the inevitable.


That’s it for this month! I’m on spring break this week, so I’m hoping to get a good start on my next set of reads. I’ve got several paperbacks that are screaming for my attention!

What are you reading?

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During her first career, Patricia Kiyono taught elementary music, computer classes, elementary classrooms, and junior high social studies. She now teaches music education at the university level. She lives in southwest Michigan with her husband, not far from her five children, nine grandchildren (so far), and great-granddaughters. Current interests, aside from writing, include sewing, crocheting, scrapbooking, and music. A love of travel and an interest in faraway people inspires her to create stories about different cultures. Check out her sweet historical contemporary romances at her Amazon author page:
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7 Responses to Goodreads Challenge 2019, Part Three

  1. Jeff Salter says:

    both of these look great. I especially like the one with the spies.


  2. I agree with Jeff that the spy one would usually be the one to grab me, but I am also intrigued by the other. I love your analysis of the first one and the reasons behind the behavior of the characters. I believe that there are a number of people out there who don’t analyze situations or backgrounds which are often painstakingly written into the stories by their authors. Then again, I had questioned one seemingly unrealistic happening in one book, which the author assured me after my review that it was quite commonplace in the region which he lived and wrote about. Not everyone would realize this, however.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Patricia Kiyono says:

      True, Tonette. People often judge characters’s actions according to what they themselves would do in a given situation, rather than taking into account where that character has come from.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Elaine Cantrell says:

    Thanks for the reviews. I’m reading Our Bridal Shop. I’ll share a review soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Both of these books sound like wonderful reads. Every time you post a review I end up with something new being added to my ever growing TBR list.


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