Rambling Reader Reviews 2020, Part Two

I’ve got four more wonderful books to share with you this month! Take a look:

416prxsvcjlSunset on Whisling Island by Julia Clemens

Julia Clemens is a pen name for Julia Keanini, whose YA and series romances I’ve read and reviewed here many times. Now, Julia has branched out into women’s fiction, and this is her first venture. This book reminded me of ensemble fiction from Robyn Carr and Debbie Macomber. Four women from an island community find themselves in situations none of them had anticipated or wanted. Each woman deals with her life setbacks in a different way, but they’re all there to support each other in the end. Each story is well told, each character is drawn in a way that we feel we know them, and each conflict is dealt with – enough to feel assured that the characters will be okay for now, but with enough questions to make the reader want to read on. Looking forward to Book 2!


51fdsp8hrtlAbout an Earl by Diana Lloyd
What Happens in the Ballroom, Book Two

This second book in the Ballroom series is just as delightful as the first! Ms. Lloyd presents an engaging story with fascinating characters, a fast-moving plot, and plenty of humor. Jewel is an enterprising and quick-thinking young lady, and Oliver is a wounded hero with a lot of self-doubt, but enough sense to know when to be firm and when to follow Jewel’s lead. I especially loved the secondary characters, particularly Penry, the earl’s twin brother, and Elvie, the mysterious and enterprising maid who appears from nowhere. Can’t wait to read Book Three!


51usltovjolA Chance of Rayne by Suzanne G. Rogers
The Mannequin Series Book Four

I am a huge fan of Ms. Rogers’ romances, but I have to be careful not to read them in the evenings if I need to wake up early the next day. There is always a bit of adventure, a bit of suspense, and a lot of action, so once I get caught up in the tale, I can’t put it down. I always enjoy stories about strong women who think for themselves, and who appreciate intelligence and capability. Rayne suffers immensely at the hands of her father, stepmother, and others, and one can’t help but wish for the happiest of endings for her. The Victorian era settings on both sides of the Atlantic are nostalgic, while making us thankful for our modern conveniences.

512bsoxie33lGator Bait by Jana DeLeon
Miss Fortune Mystery #5

As with Books One through Four, Fortune Redding and her crew fall into yet another mystery requiring high-octane action and side-splitting hilarity. After she and deputy Carter LeBlanc finally go on a date, he’s suddenly the target of a mysterious and deadly enemy. Fortune manages to save him from drowning, but he can’t remember who’s after him. The Sinful Ladies are there to help find the attempted killer and keep Carter safe, but the danger intensifies when the ATF appears. Now Fortune has more to worry about, because the agents could blow her cover, ending her time in the town she’s grown to love.


About Patricia Kiyono

During her first career, Patricia Kiyono taught elementary music, computer classes, elementary classrooms, and junior high social studies. She now teaches music education at the university level. She lives in southwest Michigan with her husband, not far from her five children, nine grandchildren (so far), and great-granddaughters. Current interests, aside from writing, include sewing, crocheting, scrapbooking, and music. A love of travel and an interest in faraway people inspires her to create stories about different cultures. Check out her sweet historical contemporary romances at her Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/Patricia-Kiyono/e/B0067PSM5C/
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7 Responses to Rambling Reader Reviews 2020, Part Two

  1. They sound like winners again, Patty! I could use a good laugh and I keep finding myself in situations that I have neither anticipated or wanted.


    • Patricia Kiyono says:

      These books all gave me hours of reading pleasure, Tonette. And the best part – they’re all part of series that continue after these reads!


  2. Jeff Salter says:

    Well, now I’ve finally trained my brain to recognize the name of Jana Deleon — and her capers set in my home state of LA. This one sounds as good as the others of hers that you’ve reviewed.
    And I certainly recognize the name of Suzanne G. Rogers, who I connected with quite a few years ago… probably back in the Astraea Press days.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Patricia Kiyono says:

      Yes, that’s where I “met” Suzanne, too. As for recognizing names, all teachers know that repetition is the key! Maybe someday you’ll have time to enjoy Jana DeLeon’s series. It’s mystery, adventure, with some screwball antics.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jeff Salter says:

        I’m so far behind in my TBR pile — both the one on my kindle and the actual physical stacks in my study — that I have to force myself to buy more books.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Elaine Cantrell says:

    With your schedule I’m amazed that you find time for all of your reading. I’ve gotten very behind.

    Liked by 1 person

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