Which One Stands Out?

If you could be remembered (as an author) for only ONE of your books… which book would you choose? Why that one?”

Okay, I have several possibilities here. I could pick Rest Thy Head. According to the reviews and reader feedback this book best exemplifies the type of romance I write. It’s sweet, clean, and has a heroine who doesn’t have many faults. It isn’t the one I’d pick, though.

I could also choose Turnaround Farm. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I based my hero on my husband. If you’ve read the book you know a lot about my husband’s personality. This isn’t the one I’d pick either.

But when I think about Return Engagement I’d have to pause and consider this book. I spent a long time planning and thinking about it long before I actually started it. The plot was fleshed out, the characters developed, and I had multiple scenes already written in my head. It’s funny, though, that when I finally sat down to write the book I couldn’t decide how to begin it. I agonized for twenty minutes before I realized that I did have a delete key on my computer. I could always redo it if I wanted to. I put everything I had into Return Engagement, and I was and am proud of it. In fact, this was the one I intended to pick, but when I thought a little more about it I knew that there was one more that could beat it.

So which one would I pick? Blue 52. Blue 52 is the sequel to Return Engagement, and I love it above anything else I’ve ever written. My hero in Return Engagement was Richard Lovinggood, an alpha hero if there ever was one. Blue 52 focuses on his son Hank who turned out to be a beta hero. I believe that gave me more scope to develop the character. Don’t get me wrong, though. Hank can do anything he needs to do. He didn’t know that at the beginning of the book, but he did by the end. His character grew and developed a great deal as the story progressed. He had the courage to do exceptional things, a courage that my heroine Kathryn Sinclair helped him to find. Hank also suffered some personal tragedies in his life that didn’t happen to Richard in Return Engagement.

So, why’d I pick it? Because I love it. I gave myself freedom to write some things I’d never written before and scope to develop my characters fully. The book is a romance, but it’s also a mystery and has elements of a thriller. I think it’s some of the best work I’ve ever done. It was a recommended read at several reviewers’ blogs, and the reviews on Amazon are all very positive. Who wouldn’t like to leave such a legacy?

About Elaine Cantrell

Elaine Cantrell was born and raised in South Carolina. She has a Master’s Degree in Personnel Services from Clemson University and is a member of Alpha Delta Kappa, an international honorary sorority for women educators. She is also a member of Romance Writers of America. Her first novel A New Leaf was the 2003 winner of the Timeless Love Contest and was published in 2004 by Oak Tree Press. When she isn't writing you can find Elaine playing with her dog or maybe collecting more vintage Christmas ornaments
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8 Responses to Which One Stands Out?

  1. This week I realize that I have missed some good books by my Friends here! I am truly interested in the last two,(having read the first).
    Feeling good about your writing is what it is all about!


  2. Jeff Salter says:

    I’ve read one or two of yours and I think Blue 52 is on my TBR stack somewhere. Hopefully I can nudge it higher on the pile.
    Love this quote, ” I gave myself freedom to write some things I’d never written before and scope to develop my characters fully.” To me, that’s the essence of good writing… versus the cookie-cutter formula stuff that currently gluts the book market.


    • Elaine Cantrell says:

      It’s hard to find something that isn’t cookie cutter. Publishers say that want something new and different, but they don’t.


  3. Patricia Kiyono says:

    I’ve got Blue 52 on my Kindle app, and since I’ve read so many mysteries lately, I’ll have to make time to read it. Beta heroes can be so much more interesting than one who supposedly has it all!


  4. I hadn’t read this one yet! I’m going to have to read it soon.


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