Guest Author: Michele Pollock Dalton and the “Already Home” Series

I’ve mentioned before how one great benefit of participating in author events on social media is the opportunity to meet other authors, especially those who write in my genre. One author I met at an event this past spring is Michele Pollock Dalton, who has an interesting story about her new release. So here’s Michele!


My name is Michele Pollock Dalton, and I am an unapologetic romantic.  While most romance writers focus specifically on falling in love, I have chosen to write about people staying in love – living each day in a way that celebrates their relationship and focuses on building a strong, unbreakable bond.​

White chocolate truffles and faith fuel my writing endeavors, and my sincere hope is that the characters I invent resonate with folks who need a bit of inspiration to face their day.

Crafting stories and song lyrics has been a part of my life since before I remember. But my author journey truly began after a car accident left me in a wheelchair. Writing saved my sanity while I learned to adapt to the situation. So, when I published my first book, “Out of the Ashes,” in 2018, it was therapeutic – knowing that there was still something I could do from the confines of my living room.

And the series I am sharing today is just as special because it helps remind me of all those grandmothers and grandfathers who survived and thrived, even amidst the storms of life.

“Already Home” is the title of a song my partner, Rick Barr, wrote for his last album. You can listen to the track here:

And when I heard the lyrics, a story was instantly born. But once I started writing, I knew that one book, one character, one victory wouldn’t be enough. So, I enlisted the talents of several other authors to help bring this one to fruition.

This historical family saga features the young women of the Ladies Victory League as they seek to alleviate the brave Doughboy’s loneliness during The Great War. What starts as simple correspondence between the girls and their soldiers develops into sweet romance as tender words are put to the page. And it is fun to read the love letters that pass between the characters throughout the book – a bit voyeuristic, but oh so sweet!

“Ruby,” the first book in the series, is available on Kindle Unlimited at

Or, if people prefer audio, this story is available on YouTube through Audiobook Cinema. And folks can listen for free here:

All nine books in the series are now available, and my contribution begins with Ruby (book 1), followed by Ilianna (book 6). I finished up the series with Vivianna (book 9), just released on September 6. But I’m sure you’ll want to read the contributions from the other six authors as well – each tale is a sweet romance that resonates with our own era a century later.

Thanks for letting me share today! And if you want to stop by my online home for a visit or a chat, you can find me at


About Patricia Kiyono

During her first career, Patricia Kiyono taught elementary music, computer classes, elementary classrooms, and junior high social studies. She now teaches music education at the university level. She lives in southwest Michigan with her husband, not far from her five children, nine grandchildren (so far), and great-granddaughters. Current interests, aside from writing, include sewing, crocheting, scrapbooking, and music. A love of travel and an interest in faraway people inspires her to create stories about different cultures. Check out her sweet historical contemporary romances at her Amazon author page:
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9 Responses to Guest Author: Michele Pollock Dalton and the “Already Home” Series

  1. Jeff Salter says:

    Sounds interesting. I do a good of reading on both World Wars, and my grandfather served in WW1 in France.


  2. The amount of material I found while researching this series was amazing, Jeff. And I am thankful for your grandfather’s service. His honor and sacrifice will always be remembered!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jeff Salter says:

      Among my late mother’s treasured possessions were a small handful of letters written by her father (my grandfather) to his mother (my great-grandmother) while he was training stateside in 1917 & overseas during 1918. Handwritten in pencil, of course. he was in the trenches and (in addition to death and destruction) experienced disease, rats, and lice.

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  3. pamelasthibodeaux says:

    Wow, sounds like a wonderful compliation!
    Good luck and God’s blessings with it


  4. WELCOME, Michele! Sorry that I am so late welcoming you here today. I can attest that writing, and especially,(for me), lyric writing has been very therapeutic and saved my sanity at one point in my life.
    I wish you all the best, even though you seem to be doing beautifully.God bless!


  5. Elaine Cantrell says:

    Thanks so much for coming, Michele. I enjoyed hearing your story and about your work. I wish you all the best with your writing.


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