It Stood the Test of Time

This week we’re talking about our favorite cartoons. Like many, I have fond memories of Saturday morning cartoons. I really enjoyed The Flintstones, The Jetsons, The Berenstain Bears, Garfield, Thundercats, GI Joe, and other cartoons like those that ran during the 80s and early 90s.

When Jessica and Quinlan were little we would watch shows like Curious George, Thomas the Train, Max and Ruby, Dora the Explorer. When Jess and Quin were little we were able to watch cartoons on Nickelodeon, the Cartoon Network, and Disney as well as PBS. Mostly, Jessica and Quinlan watched the PBS cartoons. They really loved Martha Speaks and Word Girl. I remember when Quinlan told everyone that he was going to marry Word Girl when he was older so that she could tell him the meaning of any words that he did not know. When Wyatt came along we no longer had access to Nick or Disney. It was something that I couldn’t afford so we were a PBS and dvds from the library family for a long time. Wyatt’s favorite cartoons were Chuggington, The Berenstain Bears, Super Why, and Curious George.

When I was little I loved Mickey Mouse, I enjoyed the Christmas specials. Especially Pluto’s Christmas Tree. That’s the one where Mickey and Pluto cut down a tree, take it into their cabin to decorate it only to discover that Chip and Dale’s home is that tree. I remember having Mickey and friends coloring books, especially at Christmas. When Wyatt was little they had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He loved that show! He used to do the “hot dog dance” with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. Then a few years later they “updated” Mickey and friends yet again and it was NOT for the better. Suddenly they just didn’t look right, I remember seeing an episode where the characters were drawn as having snot dripping from their noses and they would sniff it back up (It was really disgusting!) it reminded me of Ren and Stimpy which was never a “kid friendly” cartoon. For some reason, these newer versions of Mickey and his friends didn’t make it to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Minnie’s Bowtoons but we still stopped watching newer episodes. I’m not sure if this is still how they’re illustrating them or not. We stick with the older cartoons.

Jessica is now 22 and she spends her television time watching scary movies that I can’t bring myself to watch. Wyatt is more into sitcoms than cartoons but he’ll still watch the occasional cartoon. I, on the other hand, still LOVE cartoons. We have access to too many shows now, it seems like there is always something new being added to some streaming service. A lot of cartoons from my childhood didn’t hold up very well. I remember introducing my kids to different shows. They liked The Flintstone’s Christmas specials but didn’t really care for the regular episodes. They only watched a few episodes of The Jetsons. They weren’t interested in Thundercats at all. He-Man and She-ra absolutely did NOT age well. Even I couldn’t seem to enjoy them when I turned them on for my kids. There are a few that Jessica and Wyatt both will insist that we all watch together. We will watch Curious George, Peanuts, and Garfield. One cartoon that has stood the test of time from my childhood and has become a favorite for all of my kids is The Berenstain Bears. I loved them as a child, I loved the books and the cartoon. We own every single episode on DVD. We don’t watch cartoons often any more but every once in awhile I’ll get in the mood to watch one and if I want someone to watch it with me all I need to do is to put on Curious George or The Berenstain Bears.

Is there a cartoon that you enjoyed as a child that you would still watch today?


About Angela Schroeder

Angela Schroeder is a single mother of three. She was born and raised in Iowa in a river town known for its pearl buttons. Having four siblings, she never lacked for someone to play with. As she grew older, she found herself pulled into books and writing more and more. Her parents are her heroes, her siblings her confidants and tormentors, and her children are a wonderful blessing. Church is important to her children and her. They enjoy the friendships they’ve made with the people there. Writing has always been a passion. Her first experience was in fifth grade when she went to a one-day writing conference. After that she knew it was something she wanted to pursue.
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7 Responses to It Stood the Test of Time

  1. Jeff Salter says:

    As a parent, I’ve enjoyed Berenstain Bears — though the books more than the filmed versions.
    I used to watch Dora with my grandkids, but really never liked it.

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  2. My grandson liked Dora so much that for his 4th birthday he asked me to make his cake look like Dora’s Backpack. The year before he wanted Gordon from Thomas the Tank Engine. I liked the way Backpack came out better, but I only have a picture of the Gordon one. It looked like Gordon, but the other, I will say, was one of my
    better copies of a picture.Strange, because I liked Thomas a lot better than Dora.

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  3. Patricia Kiyono says:

    I remember watching and enjoying Dora the Explorer with my youngest granddaughter. My kids liked reading the Berenstain Bears books more than they watched the shows. I agree, some of the newer cartoons just aren’t kid-friendly.

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  4. Elaine Cantrell says:

    I would watch if it was something I enjoyed.

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