The Power of an Early Morning Walk

“What kinds of activities do you engage in while mulling over your story lines? Have they ever helped you get over a stumbling block?”

Probably the best way I mull over my story lines is by taking a nice walk, hopefully in the morning. My best thinking is done early before the pressures and responsibilites of the day. My favorite schedule was to roll out of bed, throw on my clothes, and set out for my walk. l had a set route that I followed every day so I didn’t have to decide which way to go. I could concentrate on my book with no distractions except for one awfully steep hill that left me breathless no matter how many times I walked it.

I’d finish my walk, and when I got home I’d brew some coffee and get my breakfast together. I’d check emails to see if I had anything to tend to, and then I got down to writing. I’d write until lunch time, and then my granddaughter and I would go to lunch. In the afternoon I’d proof what I had written and made any changes I needed to.

I have tried working with author friends, but unfortunately all of us were too nice to each other. We were afraid we’d hurt someone’s feelings so reading each other’s work wasn’t really helpful. I gave a few pages to one of my writing friends and asked her to really tell me what I needed to do. She was so scared to say anything that she made very lightly written corrections in pencil. There weren’t many corrections either. I think for this to work you might need to work with people who weren’t your personal friends. Our Monday fox said this works great for her, and I’m glad. Wish I could make it work for myself.

Did I ever get over any stumbling blocks while doing my walks? I really did. Naturally, I’d have to refine things when I finally sat down to write, but I those walks pushed me in the direction I needed to go.

Does anyone want to share what they do? I’m looking forward to hear what out other foxes have to say.


About Elaine Cantrell

Elaine Cantrell was born and raised in South Carolina. She has a Master’s Degree in Personnel Services from Clemson University and is a member of Alpha Delta Kappa, an international honorary sorority for women educators. She is also a member of Romance Writers of America. Her first novel A New Leaf was the 2003 winner of the Timeless Love Contest and was published in 2004 by Oak Tree Press. When she isn't writing you can find Elaine playing with her dog or maybe collecting more vintage Christmas ornaments
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6 Responses to The Power of an Early Morning Walk

  1. Patricia Kiyono says:

    Early morning walks sound wonderful! I like to wait until afternoon, when the temperature has a fighting chance of getting above freezing. By summertime I’ll probably get back into the habit of morning walks. I agree, this is a great way to work out plot lines and flesh out characters!


  2. Jeff Salter says:

    Glad the walks help your creative wheels work things out.
    For me, I’d need coffee BEFORE the walk. And, usually, I’m just stumbling about in the early morning — it would be dangerous to unleash me on public byways.


  3. NIce, morning walk! How I would love it, but I have no sidewalks here and it’s hilly, to boot. I used to walk the community trails in the park when my grandson was in soccer practice, but my doctor stopped me from doing that because it is hilly there, as well. I could take off and walk in what should be the safest parts of town,(one never knows here), but what a chunk of time. I do miss a normal life.


    • Elaine Cantrell says:

      I always walk along the walking trail at The Hagood Mill which is an historic site near me. It’s flat there. My right hip is starting to get arthritis so I won’t be climbing any hills.


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