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Currently writing romantic comedy, screwball comedy, and romantic suspense. Eleven completed novels and six completed novellas. "The Duchess of Earl" -- scheduled for Jan. 2016 -- Dingbat Publishing. "Stuck on Cloud Eight" -- Nov. 2015 -- TouchPoint Press. "Pleased to Meet Me" (novella) -- Oct. 2015 -- Clean Reads. "One Simple Favor" (novella) -- May 2015 -- Dingbat Publishing. "The Ghostess & MISTER Muir" -- Oct. 2014 -- Clean Reads. "Scratching the Seven-Month Itch" -- Sept. 2014 -- screwball comedy -- Dingbat Publishing. "Hid Wounded Reb" -- Somerset Series -- Aug. 2014 -- Clean Reads. "Don't Bet On It" (novella) -- April 2014 -- Clean Reads. "Curing the Uncommon Man-Cold -- screwball comedy -- Dec. 2013 -- Dingbat Publishing. "Echo Taps" (novella) -- June 2013 -- Clean Reads. "Called To Arms Again" -- (a tribute to the greatest generation) -- May 2013 -- Clean Reads. "Rescued By That New Guy in Town" (comedic romance) -- Oct. 2012 -- Clean Reads. "The Overnighter's Secrets" (romantic suspense) -- May 2012 -- Clean Reads. Co-authored two non-fiction books about librarianship (with a royalty publisher), a chapter in another book, and an article in a specialty encyclopedia. Plus several library-related articles and reviews. Also published some 120 poems, about 150 bylined newspaper articles, and some 100 bylined photos. Worked about 30 years in librarianship. Formerly newspaper editor and photo-journalist. Decorated veteran of U.S. Air Force (including a remote ‘tour’ of duty in the Arctic … at Thule AB in N.W. Greenland). Married; father of two; grandfather of six.

Traditions at Thanksgiving

… and Non-Traditions, too By Jeff Salter This whole week at 4F1H, I’ve been wracking my brain for images which I’d consider “traditions” — for how or where I’d spent Thanksgiving. I took the sense of that topic as being … Continue reading

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Stuck on Cloud Eight

Stuck on Cloud Eight By J. L. Salter My newest novel — released Nov. 16. Romantic comedy that’s high in the sky. $3.99. Two FIVE-star Amazon reviews in its first three days! Static Electricity Jolts Their Fingertips–and that’s just … Continue reading

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Guest Fox, Rachael Adams

Welcome to Rachael By Jeff Salter Can’t recall exactly when Rachael and I “met” — though we’d worked across the aisle from each other during at least one Vacation Bible School. [I think we’ve since established that my youngest grandchild … Continue reading

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Encounter with a fan

By Jeff Salter We have an interesting topic this week, one which presumably every serious writer has at least considered — what would be an ideal encounter with a fan of your writing? How NOT to react Well, let me … Continue reading

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I’ve Got Rhythm

…But Sometimes I Need Quiet By Jeff Salter Our Topic Any activity for which I like music accompaniment? Different music for different activities? Back in the Old Days Growing up, I always heard music at home. My mom was a … Continue reading

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Denise Returns as Guest Fox

My wife is back to visit the Hound By Jeff Salter It was about three years ago that my wife was a Guest Fox on Hound Day — and that time she was talking about chili recipes. Today, however, is … Continue reading

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Autumn, when senses come alive

By Jeff Salter This happens to be my 250th post on 4F1H, which began in late January 2011. This week we’re welcoming fall weather by discussing the look, sound, smell, feel, and taste of this season. Not sure why, but … Continue reading

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