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Taking One For the Team

Surprise, surprise!  I have NOT fallen off the face of the Earth.  However, I have fallen plenty of times.  Some in the privacy of my home and others….well, let’s just say I am very thankful for a very merciful cameraman. … Continue reading

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Thank You Notes…The Other Fan Letter

With this week’s topic asking us about “fan letters” and how we felt about them, I am a bit challenged as I am not yet published.  But I bet we all have experience with a Thank You note. I admit … Continue reading

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Sayonara 2013…Bon Jour 2014!

Happy New Year!  I’m scooting in under the wire for the first day of 2014, but I have been traveling over the past several days from one end of Florida to practically the other and back again.  Sorry if my … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

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Plaid, Plaid, Plaid

I’m sure there was some point in my life where I’ve worn plaid.  I’m pretty sure I was in elementary school.  Wait.  There was that ruffled number which has been immortalized via a junior high school photo.  A glance at … Continue reading

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Speed Racer

When I saw the topic for this week (reflecting back on the year), I took it as a sign that I really need to work on my family holiday letter.  I mean, if I can summarize for a family of … Continue reading

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Micki Ain’t Got Time For That

It’s late and I’ve been agonizing over this week’s topic for quite a while now.  The question posed was, “Have you ever gone on a craze about a certain old series you loved and watched all the episodes back to … Continue reading

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E-books, schmebooks

What can I say about e-books that hasn’t already been said? Even though I may be one of the young’uns of the group (not sure about Iris, but I suspect based on our likes, we’re probably close in age), but … Continue reading

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Library Laziness

The most vivid memories I have of trips to the library center around a three year period from about eighth grade until some point in my junior year when I got a car. During junior high, the library was about … Continue reading

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After a month of Bond, we have a free week.  And I’m about to encroach on the Hound Jeff’s day if I don’t make this quick. Funny thing is that I still have one Bond favorite that didn’t get its … Continue reading

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