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LISTen, Remind Me…

“What is something for which you constantly need reminding? ” That never used to be a problem for me. Oh, I could go on about memory in general, but I will try to make it brief. I was the one … Continue reading

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It Was a Hard Decision, But We’re Glad We Made It

My grandson has high functioning autism. He’s a lovely young man with a good personality as well as a great sense of humor, and he is able to hold down a part time job at Wal Mart. He attends church … Continue reading

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Wheel Was Not Spinning

You are incapacitated and can neither bear to read or write: How do you spend your time? I posed this week’s question because it has happened to me. I had radical neck surgery and it did not occur to me … Continue reading

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Broken Plans

Are there any summer projects you want/hope/need to finish up before the summer is over? Or so they ask this week…I am ashamed to answer this one. Summer will be officially over this Monday, but I am hoping for a … Continue reading

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Some Old and Then Some New Tricks (I’m Very Versatile)

We are talking about trying new things and adaptability. Although I was too shy as a youngster to show any of my writings or put any real effort into art, I still enjoyed learning and trying my hand at a … Continue reading

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The invisible illness – Fibromyalgia

Welcome to the free week here on Four Foxes One Hound! Today is the 28th July,  the 209th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 156 days remaining until the end of the year. Late last year, … Continue reading

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Out With the Old,In With the New

Here we are in the beginning of 2014… and how did THAT happen?! I once wrote in a poem: As years go past, they travel fast, Though days can seem so long. But gee, this year, not even the days … Continue reading

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Guest Fox – Kimberly Rae

This week I’m gonna break with the routine. We’re supposed to talk about memories we have about Drive-In theatres. Well, I’ve got zilch. Never been to one. Never seen one. I’m not even sure whether there was one anywhere near … Continue reading

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What? Me, Worry?

This week we are supposed to talk about a time when we acted bravely when, in actuality, we were frightened. For me it will be easy. When have I acted bravely when I was really frightened? All the time. I … Continue reading

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Hard-pressed for time and ideas this week, I thought I would blend ideas from this blog and my other one. My other blog is Tonette Joyce, Food, Friends, Family here on WordPress: The idea for it was inspired by … Continue reading

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