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New Life for My Time-Traveling Cowboy

The first of my 11 newly-orphaned titles to be re-released By Jeff Salter On Jan. 11 this year I received news that was truly heart-breaking: my first publisher was closing its doors and all eleven of my fiction titles with … Continue reading

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Too Much Time Wasted

But I Still Got A Lot Done By Jeff Salter Topic: How has the ongoing pandemic affected your creativity? Wow… hot topic. Intro Since my early retirement (from public library administration) in mid-2006, I’ve been quite a bit more of … Continue reading

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I Was A Social Influencer

… Before Anybody Knew What That Was By Jeff Salter Topic: What is your fondest childhood memory? Well, I rarely deal in absolutes these days, so this is not necessarily my FONDEST childhood memory… but it certainly ranks up there … Continue reading

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Reviewing Another Sherlockian Book

Well, One of Sherlock’s Progeny By Jeff Salter If you, as I do, love nearly anything Sherlockian… you’re willing to believe that such a fascinating character could well have been an actual human being. From there it’s only a few … Continue reading

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Gotta Keep That and That and That

And I Can’t Get Rid of THAT! By Jeff Salter Topic: If you had to get rid of most of your belongings in order to move into a smaller place, what are the things you would not be able to … Continue reading

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Face At The Window

My Wife Saw The Dead Guy! By Jeff Salter One dark winter night, two years ago, it was late (near midnight) when I heard a piercing shriek out of my normally un-flustered spouse. “What’s wrong?” I called out, my heart … Continue reading

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Reviewing The Clockwork Scarab

The Clockwork Scarab: A Stoker & Holmes Novel [The Stoker & Holmes Novels — Book 1] By Colleen Gleason Reviewed by Jeff Salter When I saw the teaser for this book – featuring the names Holmes and Stoker in Victorian … Continue reading

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Authors Who Write Like I Do

— or… To Which Other Author Does My Writing Compare? By Jeff Salter This week’s topic: If a prospective publisher asked you to compare your work to that of one or two well-known authors, whom would you choose? Well, this … Continue reading

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Christmas Novel Reminder

You’ll Want to Read “The Yuletide Caper.” By Jeff Salter Today is Thanksgiving and soon it will be Christmas — the perfect time to read my second Christmas-themed novel. Sneaking into a warm nursing home will take a few Christmas … Continue reading

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A Comfort Read for a Sick Friend

What Would I Select to Read to Him/Her? By Jeff Salter My first thought when reading this week’s topic was that if I had a friend who was too ill to read for themself, I’d select one or all of … Continue reading

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