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My Favorite Film is a BIG One

Why This Particular “Feel Good” Movie Tops My List By Jeff Salter Topic: What’s your favorite feel good movie? Well, it looks like we had a very similar topic a bit less than three years ago. [See WAY below for … Continue reading

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This Matter Was Not at All Foul

I Loved This Book and Just HAD to Discuss It By Jeff Salter Let me start by explaining: “foul matter” is evidently a publishing term meaning a manuscript which has not yet begun the in-housing editing process. It’s NOT a … Continue reading

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How I Deal With Issues In A Manuscript By Jeff Salter Topic: What kinds of activities do you engage in while mulling over your story lines? Have they ever helped you get over a stumbling block? I guess I should … Continue reading

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My Life According to the Beatles

Well, Actually According to the Titles of Certain Beatles Songs By Jeff Salter No assigned topic today, since it’s our monthly “free week” — to post anything that fits our fancy. So I scanned my folder of “possible future blogs” … Continue reading

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An Editorial Critique

By Jeff Salter Crossed by DeathStitches in Crime – Book 1By ACF Bookens Book Blurb:“Salvaging from historic buildings isn’t supposed to require reporting a murder. When salvage expert and historian Paisley Sutton crawls into an abandoned store with a house … Continue reading

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Many Characters Are Totally From Inside My Noggin

But Some Are Considerably Inspired by Real People I Know By Jeff Salter Topic: Have you ever based a character on a real person? Have you ever used a TV or movie character as inspiration for a character in your … Continue reading

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Sacrifices, Deprivations, and Horrors

My Spotlight on Another WW2 Classic By Jeff Salter With The Old Breed [at Peleliu and Okinawa]By E.B. Sledge Some of you may recognize this author (& WW2 USMC veteran) as the Marine nicknamed Sledgehammer… as depicted in the HBO … Continue reading

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Two Favorite Gifts at Christmas

Well, Let Me Qualify That By Jeff Salter Topic: What are the two best Christmas presents you ever received? Gosh, folks, I’ve strained my brain on this topic. For one thing, we’ve covered this general territory (here at 4F1H) in … Continue reading

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My Favorite Christmas Films

And “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out” is at the Top By Jeff Salter Topic: Do you have a favorite Christmas / holiday novel? What about your favorite movie? Do you restrict reading/viewing of Christmas / holiday themed books / movies … Continue reading

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Two Shots in the Keester

… Or There-abouts By Jeff Salter [Note: this was originally written as a Possum Trot Post… on the afternoon of 12-31-2013] Spent nearly three hours at the walk-in medical clinic today. Started feeling really lousy yesterday and last night I … Continue reading

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