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Hard to Reach

Big Trucks and Poorly-Placed Cash Drawers [The Perils of Bank Drive-Thru Lanes] By Jeff Salter Folks, as often as I find myself in aggravating circumstances, I observe other people who’ve become so embroiled in their dilemma that they can hardly … Continue reading

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Losing Your Dreams

What’s your dream?  Have you achieved it yet?  Most of us have lofty ambitions and dreams when we’re young, but as we grow older, reality intrudes and we settle for something less than what we wanted.  Luckily, most of us find happiness in … Continue reading

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I Dream of Gardening

At my house we’re beginning to plan our vegetable garden. Last year was our first time having a garden and we loved it. We had a lot of fun being outside and working the earth. Canning time was fun too. … Continue reading

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Cut and Paste

Get it? “Condensed” versions had ‘extra scenes’. EXTRA. I have read many a tedious book or parts that I skimmed through, (Elaine mentioned “War and Peace” earlier in the week; I could not have cared less from which direction Napoleon … Continue reading

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Better Slim Than None

Would I Want Any of My Fiction Titles Converted to a RD Condensed Book? By Jeff Salter My short answer to this week’s topic? You betcha. I’d rather people read a slimmed down version of my stories than not read … Continue reading

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I’ve Got No Problem With It

How would you feel if Readers Digest abridged one of your novels? What reservations (if any) might you have?  My mother was a big reader. She used to get those Readers Digest abridged books. I wasn’t interested in all of … Continue reading

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Guest: Author CeeCee James

Here is another mutual FB Friend that I asked for an interview, and only then found just how very popular and prolific a writer she is. CeeCee James is the author of a heartbreaking memoir, several stand-alone novels, plus romance … Continue reading

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Hound Reviews Wodehouse

Well, His Collection of Golf Stories By Jeff Salter [NOTE: I had a different author’s book set for review on this date, but we had to re-schedule her for next month instead. This caused me to scramble a bit… so … Continue reading

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Book Review: Finding Home

A rich tapestry of wit, grit, and humor… Twenty-four-year old Phoebe Hawley is on a quest to find her family a home. On the road with two siblings, twelve-year-old Maydean and five-year-old Willie-Boy, Phoebe is out of money, out of … Continue reading

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Makeup in Love

I just finished reading Makeup in Love: A Second Chance Sweet Romance by Martie Kay and it was such a cute story! I haven’t been doing much reading in the past year. Well, much reading for myself. I have been … Continue reading

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