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My Pleasures Are Many

But I Don’t Feel the Least Bit Guilty About Them By Jeff Salter Topic: What’s your favorite guilty pleasure? Well, I’ll reveal some of my so-called “guilty pleasures” a bit further down in this blog… but, for now, let me … Continue reading

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Hello? ELO?

What song would be my ‘theme’?  Good gracious, this has been a really tough topic.   I have honestly tried to live a quiet life, but there are always some problems popping up that were unforeseen, or burdens that were placed … Continue reading

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The Good Doctor

Finding myself needing to rest, I decided to start a limited series I had saved as a ‘watch later’ and never got around to. It was the 2016 version of “Doctor Thorne”, and I am so glad that I did … Continue reading

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“A Little Gift From Friends From Out of Town”

hat is the last movie you watched?  The last I saw in a theater was either the last Harry Potter movie or the last of the original string of Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean movies. As you can tell, … Continue reading

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I Would NOT Want Vinny Defending Me

But it was a terrific movie, nonetheless! By Jeff Salter Topic: What’s the last movie you watched? Did you enjoy it? Why or why not? Other than some detective series episodes (which were over an hour long), the last feature … Continue reading

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Yes, This Really is the Last Movie I Watched

Our Wednesday Fox asked, “What’s the last movie you watched? Did you enjoy it? Why or why not?” The last movie I watched was Enola Holmes 2. It was released on Netflix in October 2022, and as soon as I … Continue reading

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Happy Places

We are once again discussing movies. I think we have said a great deal about movies over the years, but I do love movies. Most of my family was keen on movies when I was growing up; my mother used to … Continue reading

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My Favorite Film is a BIG One

Why This Particular “Feel Good” Movie Tops My List By Jeff Salter Topic: What’s your favorite feel good movie? Well, it looks like we had a very similar topic a bit less than three years ago. [See WAY below for … Continue reading

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… And They All Lived Happily Ever After

Our Wednesday Fox asked, “What’s your favorite feel good movie?” I’ve mentioned that I don’t really watch a lot of movies, so whenever the topic refers to them, I need to spend a lot of time thinking. For this post, … Continue reading

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“Socially” Acceptable

I thought of the topic of the week, “How do you use social media and how has it changed”, when I found myself on one platform more and more, one that I never expected to connect with folks through:  YouTube.  … Continue reading

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