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There and Back Again, Or Not

What’s the farthest you’ve ever traveled from your home at that time? Where did you go? That would have been my first trip to Arizona, when I was still living in my ‘native stomping grounds’ of the Washington, DC area. … Continue reading

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Fly Away Home

This week, we’re discussing our longest trip away from home. That’s pretty easy for me, since my family moved from Yokohama, Japan to Grand Rapids, Michigan just before I was a year old. So a visit to see our relatives … Continue reading

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Murphy is Alive in Arizona

Vacation Misadventures (Vacations Gone Wrong) I almost wish this had not been asked; I’ve been trying to be more positive! I haven’t taken all that many actual vacations in my life. Not any real get-aways with family, and or even … Continue reading

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It Could Have Been Worse

Last spring my sister offered us a free week at the beach. It was in early May so it was still a little cool, but we thought we’d probably have a good time just walking on the beach so we … Continue reading

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Vacation Misadventures

I was the one who came up with this topic… what was I thinking? Growing up, we didn’t go away on many vacations. I suppose it wasn’t the thing to do in my neighborhood. During the summer, we spent days … Continue reading

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Guest: Author Patricia Gulley

Like so many of my guests, Patricia and I met on Facebook through writer friends. Also, like a number of my guests, Patricia originally hales from my mother’s neck of the woods, near Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. To learn more about her, … Continue reading

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Fly Me From the Moon

This week’s topic is: Space exploration – would you travel to the Moon or Mars, (assuming you could return)? See, there’s the problem…“ASSUMING” you could return. That better be an airtight guarantee! (But how would you collect if it failed?) … Continue reading

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