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A Few of My Favorite Things

I posed this week’s question: Do you still have any of your old toys? I’m sentimental. I’d have more, if they had not been left in storage in another state by a relative of mine, and a few that were … Continue reading

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Those Marvelous Toys

And I’ve Been Able to Keep a Lot More Than You’d Imagine By Jeff Salter I had to double-check the 4F1H schedule for this week, because I was 99% sure this topic had been proposed by ME. Nope, it was … Continue reading

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Dad, How Could You?

One Christmas Eve a long time ago, Santa came to my house and left a doll family under my tree. I was so thrilled! I had a mommy and daddy doll and a baby doll. The mama doll was a … Continue reading

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Memories Passed Down

This week we’re talking about old toys that we still have. When I was growing up I used take stuffed animals with me everywhere. I had a floor to ceiling book case filled with stuffed animals. When I was in … Continue reading

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Initially Speaking

Speaking…or writing. A recent guest of mine decided to use his first initial instead of his full first name for publishing and on his professional sites. His reasoning was that no one calls him by his first name, so why … Continue reading

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Post 400…and FREE Audio Coupons

Announcing the Audio Release of my Ghostly Tale By Jeff Salter The Ghostess & MISTER Muir – my spooky story inspired by the lovely 1947 film (The Ghost and Mrs. Muir) – is now available in AUDIO format. Read below … Continue reading

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Why I Write

My writing career began around age four or five.  I told my dad that I wanted to write a story about Woody Woodpecker, one of my favorite cartoon characters.  He took a piece of notebook paper and hand wrote the … Continue reading

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