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The Wooly, The Prickly, The Creepy, and The Snuggly

This week we’re talking about unusual pets. I’ve certainly had my share. For as long as I can remember animals have been a large part of my life. Growing up we always had cats and dogs. My first unusual pet … Continue reading

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Pets, or Pests?

This week’s topic is about pets, and whether or not we’ve had or wanted unusual pets. There have been a few animals in my life, but none that I would consider unusual. I definitely don’t want any pets, either common … Continue reading

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A Library By Any Other Name…

What is a ‘library’? My grandson asked me to read a YA book, the first of a series. It started out not much to my taste, (unlike so many other he has chosen), but it picked up to be interesting … Continue reading

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Officer, May I Speak?

Rousted While (Mostly) Innocent By Jeff Salter             [Note: this incident actually happened – five years ago – and I recorded it at the time… so as to be completely accurate as to what occurred.] The Safety Officer thoroughly eyeballed … Continue reading

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It Was All the More Terrifying Because We Couldn’t See Them Coming

Picture this.  The sun is shining like golden fire in a cloudless, Carolina blue sky.  The ocean sparkles, and waves break on the sand around the feet of delighted, screaming children.  Gulls cry overhead, adding their voice to that of … Continue reading

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Re-reading an Old Favorite

The past few weeks have been busy for me. I’ve been working on illustrations, working on Stalled Hearts, writing for clients, and working a second job. It hasn’t left a lot of time for me to just read but I … Continue reading

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War and Peace

At any period of your life, did your extended family have big “get-togethers” around Independence Day? is our question of the week. As everyone should know by now, I grew up in the Washington, DC suburbs. The Fourth of July … Continue reading

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