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Guest: Author Sandy James

Today I’d like to welcome author Sandy James, with whom I have become Facebook Friends through mutual friends. Glad to finally have you here, Sandy! Thanks so much for having me!! Sandy is a prolific, award-winning writer of romances. She … Continue reading

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Guest Hound, Ted Talley

Welcome to my long-time Covington friend By Jeff Salter Delighted to have as my Guest Hound, a friend from my school days in Covington LA — Ted Talley. I’ve known Ted since we were both in second grade… plus we … Continue reading

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Fly Me From the Moon

This week’s topic is: Space exploration – would you travel to the Moon or Mars, (assuming you could return)? See, there’s the problem…“ASSUMING” you could return. That better be an airtight guarantee! (But how would you collect if it failed?) … Continue reading

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Lost in Space

The Extent of My Extra-Terrestrial Travel By Jeff Salter This week we’re asked whether we’d travel in space (assuming we could safely return). The question focused on Mars and the Moon, though I don’t think they’re necessarily the most charming … Continue reading

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No Space for Me

I have always yearned for wide open spaces. Craved to be away from buildings, neighbors, cars, and all the noise that comes with all of that. However, I have never wanted to travel in outer space. You can’t even get … Continue reading

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This week we are asked to describe our dream house. When I was a kid, I actually drew plans for my dream house. As I recall, it consisted of a lot of bedrooms and bathrooms,(I never had my own room … Continue reading

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My Dream House

If Money Was No Object By Jeff Salter Gosh, I’ve never done ANYthing where money was no object. Let me see. The complex would be set away from the nearest road, but still visible from that surface. [If I have … Continue reading

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