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Novelized TRUE Story

Michael Crichton’s “The Great Train Robbery” By Jeff Salter Before I launch into my review of this particular title, let me say a word or two about the late Michael Crichton — author, screenwriter, and director. In addition to being a … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Brand New Address Intervenus Part 1

Book Buyers Best Finalist in Upper Young Adult! Octogenarian CEO Gwendolyn Mantis of Botany General didn’t create the ice age cold but keeps dwindling resources out of reach for the poor. Two hundred years before, a meteor bombardment threw Earth … Continue reading

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I Dress Down These Days

Because I Want to Be Comfortable By Jeff Salter Before I address the actual question for this week, let me take you back in time to lay down some context about how I USED to dress. During my Air Force … Continue reading

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Well, Sort Of

Do you dress in any particular color or style for holidays or special days? When I was a child my mother always dressed us up for Easter. That was the only time of year we wore gloves and a hat, … Continue reading

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Dressed to Go

This week we’re discussing our clothes. Or rather if we dress in any special clothes or colors for special occasions or holidays. My short answer is no. I remember when I was real little my parents would get my sister … Continue reading

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I Hate to Burst Your Bubble, but Acupuncture? NO.

The question this week is: Have we/ would we try acupuncture? This will be short, and possibly too strong, but NO. I’ve been exposed all of my life to theories of ‘pressure points’, ‘touching points’, “touch assists”,  and there is … Continue reading

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No Needles For Me, Thanks

I’ve seen that movie By Jeff Salter Long before I ever heard of the word ACUPUNCTURE – or the ancient healing art it represents – I had a traumatic cinematic exposure to bad people sticking needles into a good guy. … Continue reading

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