No, Well, Yes. But No.Maybe Yes

The question: “Are you writing the same kind of books you wrote when you first started?”

Yes and no.

When I started writing, it wasn’t books.

I started out, (as an adult), writing (in earnest), songs, poetry and articles.

The songs won awards; the poems and articles got published.

I had written short stories as a kid; even put together books; they impressed my teachers.

However, I never expected to write a book. I have stories, mostly short stories, in me; I have put some down, I have send a few out that were rightfully rejected because they needed more work, but I have not sent any of them out more than once, which is breaking all of my advice to others.

Then, inspiration hit me. Inspiration which I have discussed here before. One look at a photo posted by our Founding Fox and an entire romance novel jumped in to my head immediately. The idea was almost instantaneous, the rest of the story followed within seconds and many of the details followed quite rapidly.

Another Former Fox got me to flesh out most of the rest of the story by getting me into a writing competition, (which I won).

Editing has become a problem; procrastination, which I will be working on, has also  been a real problem.

So, no, I am not writing books that I started out writing, because I didn’t start out with books, but yes, I am writing stories and an occasional poem.

Then again, yes, I am writing the same kind of book, the same BOOK, that I started writing, since it IS the same book.

But then, no, because I don’t know if I have another romance in me.  Yes, as I have a children’s story ready (I think) to go out again, which is what I wrote as a kid.

Stay tuned!