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“Hello, Possums!”

Welcome to 97th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar – there are 268 days remaining until the end of the year. Anyway, before I dive into today’s subject, just wanted to emphasise how “trendy” or “up-to-date” or “with … Continue reading

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Run Forrest, run.

We’re back to the subject of Aliens 🙂 Can you all see me jump up and down in excitement. Anyway – question this week is If you saw an alien spaceship land in your city, what would you do? Would … Continue reading

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Astronomically Speaking

The question of the week is: Do we believe that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe? The obvious has already been asked this week as to whether it exists here, and at times that question is valid. My answer … Continue reading

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Anybody Out There?

By Jeff Salter We’re contemplating whether intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe, where they might be, whether they’ve visited the earth, et cetera. The executive summary of my position is: I have an open mind to the possibilities. I’m … Continue reading

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Are We Alone?

Last week talked about whether or not we’d want to go into space.  While I was quite enthusiastic in wanting to go out there (but not WAAAAAYYYY out there), I’m not so sure I’d want to meet any of our … Continue reading

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The Universe … now what?

The universe is wider than our views of it. Henry David Thoreau We’re still pondering about “life out there” – Aliens, universe, ET and such. Does life exist? So, let’s get to the bottom of it. Do I think there’s … Continue reading

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Gimme Some Space–Man!

The topic of the week is: Would I want to travel to outer space? Nuh,uh! I would love to see Earth from a Space Shuttle or a space station, but I don’t really even want to go that far…shoot, I … Continue reading

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Phone Home …

This is this week’s question: Would you want to travel into outer space? Why or why not? Any particular planet or destination? Initial answer – no way! But I can’t just say no, otherwise today’s post would be boring. Why … Continue reading

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