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True-Life Tales

                                                       … A Cut Above                                                            By Jeff Salter              The crashing blow to my face stunned me and I staggered.  The perpetrator was nearly seven feet tall, strong as oak, probably three feet wide … and every bit of … Continue reading

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In the Sky or Jet-lagged-

I’m either flying or experiencing jet lag today, so there will be no post until late if at all. I know, I know. Lazy woman. Oh, well, maybe I’ll be better in the new year.  AND in other news, my birthday … Continue reading

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Washington and Lincoln- Men That Were Progressive

First, let me wish George a happy 279th birthday today and Abe a happy 202nd birthday (on the 12th)- talk about a cake conflagration there! Both of these men were progressive before their time. Mr. Washington owned slaves but he came … Continue reading

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