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How about a shout out?

Each of my books probably would require its own celebrity endorser. Each one has a different hobby or group that would be an interested audience. For Sucker for a Hot Rod, If I could get a shout out from David … Continue reading

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What’s in your car?

I very rarely leave things in my vehicle. My husband and I switch vehicles quite frequently and he doesn’t necessarily want or need the things that I do. Since we live in Michigan, we have ice scrapers and snow brushes. … Continue reading

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What’s Riding in my Car?

One of our foxes asked, “What do you keep in your car?” Fifteen years ago, my list would have been quite long. I had kids in school, and they ALWAYS left stuff in my car. I worked full-time and I … Continue reading

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Oh Car, Wherefore Art Thou?

My tragic affair with a 1957 Metropolitan By Jeff Salter Our topic this week is about uncooperative machines, appliances, or vehicles. I’ve had ‘em all, I guess, but perhaps the most uncooperative – yet it still has a warm place … Continue reading

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A Car Guy is a Necessity

When I was in high school, my dad decided I needed a vehicle. I was shocked. My parents are very practical people. If we didn’t absolutely need it — as in there was no possible way a broken whatever could … Continue reading

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The Demise of 2 Great Traditions!

My question for today: What memories do you have about Drive-in theaters and how do you feel about their demise? I really miss drive-ins.  Those who were born into this digital age have absolutely no idea what fun they missed … Continue reading

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Car-ing, Not Caring

Open Week and I don’t have a guest, no stories or articles published recently,(want to see my newest rejection slip? It’s a badge of honor; I’m ‘out there’.) And I don’t want to talk about a work in progress. I … Continue reading

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I’m sure my mom has a sense of humor, but when it comes to hilarious stuff from my childhood, my dad is more likely to be involved.  However, I’m sure my kiddos have plenty of ammunition to bust me with when … Continue reading

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I’m late. I know. Sorry. It’s been crazy world for me for the last week and I know I’m late today. I apologize as well to my blog mates for not being around but some of these days it’s been … Continue reading

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Ease on Down the Road

Happy Monday!  Now that we’ve made it to Car week of our Planes, Trains, and Automobiles theme, I hope all of you are looking both ways and driving a little more carefully.  Lots of kiddos are heading back to school … Continue reading

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