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How about a shout out?

Each of my books probably would require its own celebrity endorser. Each one has a different hobby or group that would be an interested audience. For Sucker for a Hot Rod, If I could get a shout out from David … Continue reading

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What’s in your car?

I very rarely leave things in my vehicle. My husband and I switch vehicles quite frequently and he doesn’t necessarily want or need the things that I do. Since we live in Michigan, we have ice scrapers and snow brushes. … Continue reading

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What’s Riding in my Car?

One of our foxes asked, “What do you keep in your car?” Fifteen years ago, my list would have been quite long. I had kids in school, and they ALWAYS left stuff in my car. I worked full-time and I … Continue reading

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Oh Car, Wherefore Art Thou?

My tragic affair with a 1957 Metropolitan By Jeff Salter Our topic this week is about uncooperative machines, appliances, or vehicles. I’ve had ‘em all, I guess, but perhaps the most uncooperative – yet it still has a warm place … Continue reading

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A Car Guy is a Necessity

When I was in high school, my dad decided I needed a vehicle. I was shocked. My parents are very practical people. If we didn’t absolutely need it — as in there was no possible way a broken whatever could … Continue reading

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The Demise of 2 Great Traditions!

My question for today: What memories do you have about Drive-in theaters and how do you feel about their demise? I really miss drive-ins.  Those who were born into this digital age have absolutely no idea what fun they missed … Continue reading

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Car-ing, Not Caring

Open Week and I don’t have a guest, no stories or articles published recently,(want to see my newest rejection slip? It’s a badge of honor; I’m ‘out there’.) And I don’t want to talk about a work in progress. I … Continue reading

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