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“Ekam Eveileb”

“Children are the ones that know exactly what’s going on in the world, you know. They ‘see’ more than adults, ‘believe’ in more, are honest, and will always, ‘always’ let you know where you stand.” ― Cecelia Ahern, If You … Continue reading

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Character Cooking

No, I haven’t thrown any characters into a vat of boiling water or acid trying to turn them into superheroes.  I mean how much my characters cook in my novels.  Which is to say very little.  My characters are mostly … Continue reading

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Analyze This

                                                        … Character                                                           By Jeff Salter             Some of my favorite things to discuss are characters and poetry, so it’s logical that I’d want to combine the two — since our topic this week is a ‘free space’.  Vivid … Continue reading

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Nobody puts Baby in the corner

Okay, I have to say, Dirty Dancing is up there on the list of favorite movies. And since we’re talking about couples on the blog this week, I had to bring them up. Baby and Johnny. **sigh** That last dance…Oh … Continue reading

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Periwinkle Blue

That isn’t a codename or anything. No, you’re not going to be tested on this. Yes, I am going to get to the point of the blog. This week we’re talking about our favorite movie couples. Now, I don’t know … Continue reading

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Describing Your Characters

             How Your Characters View Themselves                                    By Jeff Salter  Too perfect?             First off, let me clear the air:  a lot of authors write characters who are too beautiful or too handsome — entirely too perfect.  There:  I … Continue reading

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Mirror, Mirror

Hey y’all, it’s your resident Hump Day Fox, Danica! This week we’re talking about character descriptions. We’ve all read that scene in a book where the character looks at themselves in the mirror (as though for the first time) and … Continue reading

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