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Cartoony Memories

Our Friday Fox asked about our favorite cartoons. I have to admit that it’s been a long time since I watched an animated show. My youngest grandchild is nine years old, and if he watches cartoons, I’m not there to … Continue reading

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One of These Folks is Not Like the Others

Remember this song from Sesame Street? I’ve never had any reason to doubt my family’s love for me, but I’ve always felt like a bit of an odd duck. I suppose that’s what prompted me to pose the Question of … Continue reading

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Pets, or Pests?

This week’s topic is about pets, and whether or not we’ve had or wanted unusual pets. There have been a few animals in my life, but none that I would consider unusual. I definitely don’t want any pets, either common … Continue reading

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Anne Spelled with an E

When I was in elementary school, one of my favorite series was Anne of Avonlea. I read the series several times and identified with Anne having older parents or guardians. My parents were 45 and 58 when I was born, … Continue reading

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Routines in the Summer

By Jeff Salter We’re yakking this week about whether (and how) things are different in our summer schedules. When I was a kid, of course, the summers were heavenly: no school. Could wake up when I wanted (more or less)… … Continue reading

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Valen My Tine

By Jeff Salter Before I forget, be sure to pick up your special ** FREE ** download from Amazon – through Feb. 14th only – of the Astraea Press Anthology, Love and Diamonds. Fifteen love stories, fifteen authors — including … Continue reading

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The Shadow Knows

By Jeff Salter This week, we’re all about Ground Hog Day. But since today is already three days past GH Day, I’m shifting the focus from the shadowy activities of that prognosticating rodent… to the larger matter — when will … Continue reading

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The Garden full of Kinder

“We’re not in this life just to work, we’re in it to live.” Cecelia Ahern “The Gift” We’re talking Child’s Play today… Where do I start? I grew up in a block of apartments, with lots of kids around. School … Continue reading

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Presidents, Prime Ministers and the Queen

I am 73 years old. I’ve seen everything. I’ve met the kings, the queens, the presidents, I’ve been around the world. I have one thing that I would like to do: to try to reach peace. ~~Ariel Sharon I love … Continue reading

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Lazy Days of Summer?

What happened to Summer Vacation for schoolkids? When I was in elementary school, (1st-6th grades), we felt free when school was out. And we were out until the first business day after Labor Day, (which, before the Monday Holiday Bill, … Continue reading

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