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The Gift of Wishes

When my sister says ‘I have an idea for you’, I get a little worried. I tend to be an executor where she is a dreamer. So as soon as I hear those words, my brain starts to chug through … Continue reading

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I’m Your Puppet

Christmas is coming in a few days and we were asked to talk about the weirdest present we ever received. Well, that isn’t easy. I have never had much luck with presents. My father made a decent living but one … Continue reading

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Plaid, Plaid, Plaid

I’m sure there was some point in my life where I’ve worn plaid.  I’m pretty sure I was in elementary school.  Wait.  There was that ruffled number which has been immortalized via a junior high school photo.  A glance at … Continue reading

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Show Me Yours

                                            … Your Books, I Mean                                                           By Jeff Salter              Next week the Foxes and I are highlighting published books by our friends, colleagues, acquaintances … or whomever.  Yeah, to give all those folks a bit of ‘promo’ … Continue reading

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