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Not Written in Stone

“Has anything about your writing routine changed since you first began?” Oh, gosh, yes. When I decided that I was going to seriously get into writing, it was mostly non-fiction. Just getting my thoughts, research, and facts in order was … Continue reading

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The Bigfoot File

As you probably know, I’ve been working on a story involving Bigfoot at an excruciatingly slow pace. Evidence needs to be painstakingly gathered, blurry and out of focus videos need to be watched. You know how it goes. Well, here’s … Continue reading

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The Good Old Days?

This week our resident hound asked us to recall life before technology touched so much of it. Since I’m old enough to remember rotary phones, 33 rpm records, and manual typewriters, I can definitely remember life before smart phones. I … Continue reading

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In With the New…Knowledge and Skills

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve spent so many years teaching or if I’m naturally curious, but it seems like I’m always learning something new. Sometimes it’s out of necessity – records, 8-track players, and cassettes are no longer … Continue reading

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Superpower? For Me? Why, Thank You. I Would Love One.

I’ll take the super power of being able to type as fast as I can think. I’m a hunt and peck kinda gal. I never took typing as I planned never to have to type for myself and then the … Continue reading

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