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Didn’t Have Much Rhythm

… and Still Don’t [A Bit About Dancing] By Jeff Salter This week, we’re all about dancing, dances, and/or anything which happened whilst so employed. Well, I’ve never been very graceful, but I’ve done a lot of dancing over the … Continue reading


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Keep Calm and Dance On

OMG!  I love the topic this week!   It’s recital week!  Everyone keep calm…and dance on! The past few weeks have been filled with end of school concerts, programs, tests, and whatever other chaos leads to much hair pulling.  But … Continue reading

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Let’s Dance …

Holy smokes, it’s June … Winter officially began yesterday in Australia! Anyway, we’re dancing this week. Well, the description is: At a Dance – anything about dancing or what happened at a dance. I know I will cop some crap … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

Please forgive any dual posts.  Wordpress is not liking me today.  My first attempt did not go through. Ah, October 31st.  It means it’s time for me to go through those Ziploc bags on my bottom shelf full of all that … Continue reading

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