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Boxing Day

Well, actually, it’s Good Friday, but I let myself store too many things in what would be used as a ‘guest’ room, and a few weeks ago my 18-year-old grandkid found that where she was staying was not working out … Continue reading

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Decoration Decorum

“How early do you start shopping/decorating for the holidays?” Shopping! How I miss the hustle and bustle of shopping centers decorated to the hilt and finding just the right gift for just the right person! I have been some distance … Continue reading

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Singing Praises

The topic this week: Unsung heroes in books or movies: A character who does not get the credit that you believe he or she deserves. It was my idea. I wish that I had done this ahead of time; I … Continue reading

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Easter traditions

My kids love doing an Easter egg hunt. I, however, struggle with what to put in the eggs. They really don’t need more candy. Last year, I bought a bag of candy that I thought I could share with a … Continue reading

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Faith and Family

One of the foxes asked us to explain how we celebrate Easter. In our family, as I’m sure it is with most families who observe it as a Christian holiday, the day has two distinct parts: worship and family mealtime. … Continue reading

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Spring to Easter

The topics this week are about getting out of the house since it is Spring, or to talk about Easter. Since this will be posting on Good Friday, I will go for both. I am generally not an outdoorsy person … Continue reading

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Baskets and Bunnies…and Pecan Eggs

We are talking Easter this week and focusing on candy…what a loaded topic… loaded with calories! When I was little, Easter baskets were a real treat. I did not grow up in a religious family, so ‘giving up for Lent’ … Continue reading

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Memories from Easter Time

By Jeff Salter Of course, I know the real point of Easter Sunday has nothing to do with bunnies, egg hunts, or candy.  And it’s not supposed to be about new dresses with frilly gloves and bonnets and shiny shoes.  … Continue reading

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Easter Candy!!

There are two kinds of Easter Candy I love. One is Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs. Truly, though, they aren’t really Easter candy since I can get the basic same thing all year just not shaped like an egg and really, … Continue reading

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G is for God

Yes, I know the golden rule of don’t discuss politics or religion but I couldn’t pass up on this one. This weekend is an important one both for my Christian friends as well as my Jewish ones so I wanted … Continue reading

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