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Guest: Writer/Narrator Julia Valentine

Julia Valentine, a.k.a., “Miss Worm” I met Julia online when we were on live chats. We were of the same mind about some matters, and we are both cat lovers; (we teamed up on one chatter who dared to disparage … Continue reading

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Guest: Author Alison Golden

When I asked Alison Golden to allow me to interview her, I had no idea just how accomplished she was. I must admit that I was awed by her fame, once I got into my research on her. Alison has … Continue reading

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Globe-trotting Characters

One of our foxes asked, “If you had an unlimited amount of funds and time to visit any place in the world to do research for a book where would you go? Do you have a project in mind?” This … Continue reading

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How Does My Garden Grow?

Topic of the week: Gardens…do you garden? Any special garden come to mind? Any memories involving gardens? Any stories? When it comes to growing gardens, I have what is called a “Black Thumb.” With one exception, I have never been … Continue reading

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Deal With the Devil — great story

By Jeff Salter This week we’re focused on other books or authors which we’ve really enjoyed reading. So it’s my pleasure to highlight a terrific book by my friend, colleague, editor, and publisher, the multi-talented J. Gunnar Grey. Deal with … Continue reading

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Guest: Author Sherry Gloag

On this “Free Week’ here at Four Foxes, One Hound, I have another guest .I would like to introduce you to author Sherry Gloag. Sherry and I met online as we have a number of mutual friends and acquaintances, the … Continue reading

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Watching Multiple Episodes

By Jeff Salter When I saw this week’s topic – watching multiple episodes of favorite shows or films – I first thought I wouldn’t have a lot to say … because I really don’t view much TV these days.  Seven … Continue reading

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Location, Location, Location

By Jeff Salter Our topic this week deals with Continent / Country / City we’ve always wanted to visit.  Scroll back to Iris on Monday, Janette on Tuesday, and Micki on Wednesday to see what they had to say.  And … Continue reading

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The COLD Truth

I love, love winter. I know, I live in Florida but it’s true. I adore, adore cold weather. I lived many of my formative years right outside Washington D.C. and there are truly changes of scenery there. We had nice … Continue reading

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The Cajun Threat

I shouldn’t mock airport security. I don’t really, but I had an incident several years ago that still leaves me baffled. Granted, it was right after the 9-11 attacks, so I can understand why they would be wary of foreigners. … Continue reading

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