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One Thousand Words

Recently my mother moved to an assisted living place and had to downsize. My siblings and I sorted out her things and among those was a variety of pictures. My brother has been great about making sure we all have … Continue reading

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How Does My Garden Grow?

Topic of the week: Gardens…do you garden? Any special garden come to mind? Any memories involving gardens? Any stories? When it comes to growing gardens, I have what is called a “Black Thumb.” With one exception, I have never been … Continue reading

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How Do I Love Thee…?

Have you ever been in a predicament in which you’re asked a question to which you SHOULD know the answer, but your mind draws a complete blank? That’s where I was when I looked at this week’s topic: a Valentine’s … Continue reading

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Shopping? Me?

I am somewhat spoiled. In the thirty-five years I’ve known my husband, I have cooked possibly a dozen meals. That’s because hubby does almost ALL the cooking. He always got home from work almost three hours before I did, and … Continue reading

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The Amen of Nature Is Always a Flower (O.W. Holmes)

We’re talking about favorite flowers and gosh, how do you choose? I love flowers. I prefer them growing, either those that I plant, those in other people’s gardens, parks or wildflowers on the sides of the road. Like the “Newcomers” … Continue reading

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The Black Thumb

April showers bring May flowers.  Or so I’m told.  I suspect I am the black thumb of my group.  While I appreciate a beautiful garden from a pure visual standpoint, I lack the ability to truly appreciate it from a … Continue reading

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My Favorite Flowers

I’m a huge fan of blooming flowers as well as the tiny buds when they appear on the trees and stems. My absolute favorites are white flowers of any kind. While I love color, white ones somehow speak to my … Continue reading

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