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TV Time

Our resident hound asked, “If you were approached to write one or more episodes for a TV show (past or present), which show would it be… and why?” Although our television is ON approximately 18 hours each day, I’m not … Continue reading

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Going for the Big Bucks!

When I was little, my parents were religious watchers of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. While I enjoyed guessing the puzzles on Wheel of Fortune, I loved Jeopardy. Finding a way to use the random trivia I had accumulated was … Continue reading

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“I’ll Take Forgetful Authors for $400, Alex.”

This week, one of the foxes asked a question about game shows: “What one would you be on and how would you do?” It just so happens that on the odd occasion that I feel like watching television – which … Continue reading

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SHOW Me the Way To Go Home….

This week’s topic is: If our lives were a TV show, what would it be? Groan…you really don’t want to know about mine. My family was so dysfunctional and the situations were often so off-the-wall, I said at an early … Continue reading

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Guest Fox: Lynn Spangler

By Jeff Salter It’s no secret I enjoy inviting Guest Foxes to Hound Day here at 4F1H.  But sometimes I forget to schedule anyone until it’s too late in the week.  Fortunately, this week, I was already in communication with … Continue reading

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