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Spotlight on a Spook

The Ghostess & MISTER Muir By J.L. Salter Imagine being a beautiful ghostess – around 19 years old when you died tragically … 100 years ago. All that time basically trapped between two worlds and confined in the old hotel … Continue reading

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Is Your New Apartment Haunted?

The Ghostess and MISTER Muir By Jeff Salter If you discovered you’d just rented a converted hotel suite which had been haunted for the past 100 years, wouldn’t you be skeered? Not Levi Muir. He doesn’t believe in spooks. He … Continue reading

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Guest Fox Stephy Smith

Recalling a Scary Experience By Jeff Salter Rather fittingly (as we approach Halloween), our topic this week is “Who was your creepiest neighbor?” Rather than belabor you with my own tales of childhood’s creepy personalities, I’ve invited Stephy Smith to … Continue reading

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No, Mommy, No- Don’t Make Me Come Up WIth a Writing Prompt

This week is a writing prompt week and we know how bad I am at those, so I’m not really going to try very hard. Since last week when we talked about my family member, Sir Thomas, I’ve gone to … Continue reading

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