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Do You Know Bob and Mary Sue?

On these, our “Free Weeks”, more often than not, I like to stay on writing. In doing so, I’d like to formally introduce you to two people whom I had seen and heard, but until recently, I didn’t know their … Continue reading

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This week’s topic asks us on which TV show of the past we would like to appear and if we’d like to write our own episode. That is a hard one, for sure. I watched a lot of television as … Continue reading

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Survival Strategies during Alien Invasions

We don’t have a leader, but you can talk to me… unless that’s a ray gun in your pocket By Jeff Salter This week’s question: If I saw aliens land nearby, would I interact? The old cliché is that the … Continue reading

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Whom Would YOU Select?

                                                          By Jeff Salter              One of the eternal questions which guys are asked – and it comes up more than you’d probably imagine – has to do with choices … of two very different female personalities.  I’ve heard both, … Continue reading

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