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I Don’t Think So

It’s funny really. I spend a lot of time watching shows about haunted houses. Between horror movies (which I adore) and ghost hunting shows, you’d think I could handle a haunting. But any time I think about that stuff happening … Continue reading

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Haunted Houses

When I saw the topic this week, I did a little, “Uh oh.”  The question was if we’d ever visited a house that was reportedly haunted.  This would be the shortest blog post ever because my answer would be a … Continue reading

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Guest Fox Stephy Smith

Recalling a Scary Experience By Jeff Salter Rather fittingly (as we approach Halloween), our topic this week is “Who was your creepiest neighbor?” Rather than belabor you with my own tales of childhood’s creepy personalities, I’ve invited Stephy Smith to … Continue reading

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All Saint’s Day

Nope, Danica- Sorry, I’m no talking about the New Orleans’ Saints today but the Christian holiday of All Saints Day. This day was also called All Hallows Day at one time and thus, the night before, or All Hallows Eve, got … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

Please forgive any dual posts.  Wordpress is not liking me today.  My first attempt did not go through. Ah, October 31st.  It means it’s time for me to go through those Ziploc bags on my bottom shelf full of all that … Continue reading

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Halloween Long Ago

                                              My Scariest Costume By Jeff Salter Clear winner for the scariest costume I ever WORE goes back to the Halloween of 1979.  My wife was in the Junior Guild, which hosted a large part (if not all) of the … Continue reading

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Scared Stiff

So we’ve been talking about Halloween this week. Costumes, things like that. I could go into the various things I’ve dressed up as over the years, but I don’t have pictures to support my tale. So I’m not going to … Continue reading

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