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Not Written in Stone

“Has anything about your writing routine changed since you first began?” Oh, gosh, yes. When I decided that I was going to seriously get into writing, it was mostly non-fiction. Just getting my thoughts, research, and facts in order was … Continue reading

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Please welcome, J. Q. Rose

  I’ve known and read J. Q. Rose’s work for several years now. She always manages to surprise me and make me laugh. Tell us a little about yourself. After writing feature articles in magazines, newspapers, and online magazines for … Continue reading

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You want me to what?

When I saw this topic, my first thought was Oh dear! I have no idea. I stopped watching interview shows a few years ago when they devolved into gotcha sessions and arguments. I wanted to learn about the point of … Continue reading

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No TV Interviews for Me

… Because I don’t want to be badgered or baited By Jeff Salter This week is about whether we’d like a NYC [or west coast studio] television interview … and if so, by whom. Leave me out of it. All … Continue reading

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“Hello, Possums!”

Welcome to 97th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar – there are 268 days remaining until the end of the year. Anyway, before I dive into today’s subject, just wanted to emphasise how “trendy” or “up-to-date” or “with … Continue reading


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Son and Father

I have had my hands and head full the few days and I nearly skipped-out of this week’s blog,( for the first time). Then I realized that this is my first anniversary with” Four Foxes, One Hound” and I just … Continue reading

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For years I looked forward to a new year, always hoping for an end to some old problems and the beginning of new happiness. Alas, no matter how promising, for too long the bad stayed bad,(or even had moments of … Continue reading

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