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What’s On Your Reading List?

Our topic for the week: An unusual way you found books or authors that you would not have chosen. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent time in a bookstore or library browsing titles and then selecting one. Since … Continue reading

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Leave me alone, I’m writing.

As a child I had a variety of unrealistic career dreams. Thankfully, I was steered away from many of them. Some I tried and found they weren’t for me. The first career I thought about was being a lawyer. This … Continue reading

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Something Really Embarrassing

By Jeff Salter This would have been even more mortifying had it happened TO me … but it was embarrassing enough just to be involved in it. To comprehend this delicate situation, you’ll need a little background.  I was the … Continue reading

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Today vs. Yesterday

Welcome to another week here on Four Foxes, One Hound. The theme this month has been all about books, and we finish it with the question on everyone’s lips – Are we concerned about the development of e-books/e-readers, the availability … Continue reading

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Wonderful World of Libraries

By Jeff Salter Having spent some 30 years in the library profession, I guess I could write this column blindfolded — favorite memories of library visits. But there have been so many – most from my childhood and youth, long … Continue reading

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Library Laziness

The most vivid memories I have of trips to the library center around a three year period from about eighth grade until some point in my junior year when I got a car. During junior high, the library was about … Continue reading

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Library – “The world is quiet here” (Lemony Snicket)

“The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.”  ― Albert Einstein A few years back, when I was tired of buying new books for my daughter only to watch her read each of … Continue reading

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