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Salute to Stepdads

Hello! I am Tonette Joyce. You may have seen me put my two cents in here quite often, so often in fact, that the other Foxes and the Hound figured they may as well put me to work as your … Continue reading

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Project List…

Happy Friday my friends. Sorry for my absence. I’ve utterly failed at being the Friday Fox. But now that book two has released, I hope things calm down a bit more (Hey, I can dream–LOL) We’re talking about unfinished projects … Continue reading

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F is for Friday

Okay, totally lame, I know. But really, how lucky to have F for Friday considering I’m the Friday Fox? I mean, Friday’s TOTALLY ROCK. That’s my day off each week. Since I work retail (bookstore), my main hours are on … Continue reading

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11 year old Adult

My brother in law’s birthday was February 29th!  Yep. He’s an eleven-year-old whose been married for 18 years and has three kids! Yeah, that’ll mess with your head, huh? I never understood leap year. It just confused me to no … Continue reading

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The Accord…

Gosh, I haven’t thought of my first car in a long time. It was a little rusty, stick-shift thing that got me around to school and work through high school! Loved that little thing. It kind of looked like this: … Continue reading

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So, it was MLK Day on Monday. I thought it would be fun to find some MLK quotes to share. I love quotes and often surf the net to see what I can find out there that’s inspiring. Here are … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Book List 3

                                    … for Your Christmas gifts                                                   Part 3 of 3                            By Jeff Salter [courtesy of Lynn Rush]             Ever ended up with more stuff than you anticipated … and it’s about to spill over into an unmanageable mess? … Continue reading

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