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It’s About The Book….

On the heels of talking about rejection, talking about critiques and reviews seems fitting. Because if you let it, a poor review or harsh critique will feel like rejection. Don’t let it.  Really, the reviews or critiques aren’t personal. Sure, … Continue reading

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The first time I’d really ever experienced that word was in sports. At a basketball game it’s often shouted out when a shot is blocked. And chanted rather mercilessly, too. But then I learned about a different side of the … Continue reading

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Don’t Miss Out…

~~~~ Welcome to the last day of the Hot Summer Nights Giveaway. Have you been checking each post out this week? If not, there’s still time. You can earn tons of entries for the monster grand prize. Now let me tell … Continue reading

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Fathers . . .

My Dad. Wow. I don’t even know where to start on this other than to say he’s my hero. I get my love of endurance sports from him. He was a marathon runner for nearly 30 years. Has run them … Continue reading

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Citizen Soldier

I first saw this video at a movie theatre a long time ago. Fell in love with it. I’ve had it on my personal blog a few times, but hey, I needed to post it here, too. ~~~ ~~~ I’m … Continue reading

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What’s POV….

Hi, my name is Lynn, and I didn’t know what Point of View (POV) was when I started writing. There. I admitted it. With that admission, it dawned a whole new outlook on writing for me. I mean, when I … Continue reading

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Nobody puts Baby in the corner

Okay, I have to say, Dirty Dancing is up there on the list of favorite movies. And since we’re talking about couples on the blog this week, I had to bring them up. Baby and Johnny. **sigh** That last dance…Oh … Continue reading

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Mirrors and Muscle Heads

Okay, so my post lands on Friday the 13th. That can’t bode well. Just kidding. So, we’re talking character descriptions this week. Great posts by my fellow bloggers. This is a tough one for me, especially in first person point … Continue reading

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Yay Mom…

Mom’s rock. I’m lucky enough to have three moms! Yep, you read right. 1.  Birth mom. 2.  Mother in law 3.  Step mom. Some would say, “Holy cow, that’s too much.” But I like it. I’m super close to my … Continue reading

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Now what?

Kind of like there isn’t a duplicate of a snowflake, what happens after a writer gets a story is just as unique. We might have similar styles or structures we follow, but we all throw in our own twist, which … Continue reading

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