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Note to Self

Our question of the week came from our Friday Fox: Do you write notes? Have you tried taping and transcribing them? What works for you?  I am always taking notes to remind myself about things I’m told, simply because I … Continue reading

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Finished a Manuscript!

I finished a manuscript last week and sent it to the publisher. You’re probably thinking I’m a really fast writer, because I finished another manuscript just a few months ago, but I’ve been working on both books for an eternity–or … Continue reading

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Writing Contests are NOT My Thing

When I first started the endeavor to be published, I entered a few contests with two different manuscripts. I ended up stopping because I noticed a pattern in the judging of them. When the judges were published writers, I got … Continue reading

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Tisket, Tasket

                       … Where’d I Leave That Stinkin’ Basket?                                                           By Jeff Salter              To blog about things I’ve misplaced – or had misplaced FOR me (by someone else) – would take-up the space of the old Encyclopedia Britannica.  So, I’ll … Continue reading

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