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Stand-up Landing

                   … Just a stone’s throw from the North Pole                                                           By Jeff Salter              Nope … this is not about gymnastics at the Olympics.             August at 4F1H features travel themes and this week focuses on aircraft.  I’ve had … Continue reading

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My Spring Feels Busted

                                                              by Jeff Salter              This year the local weather has been strange … even to me, who’s only been in this place (southeast KY) for about 5.5 years.             You see, for a total of some five decades, I … Continue reading

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Blizzards? Snow?

                                        Brrrrrrrrrrrrr … Been There!                                                           By Jeff Salter             It’s an appropriate week to yak about inclement weather:  I have friends in both IL and RI who’ve had recent blizzards with nearly 10 inches of snow.             As a … Continue reading

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Honoring Veterans

                                             Especially My Grandfather                                                            By Jeff Salter              “The courage and patriotism of all men and women who have served in the armed services of the United States are honored on Veterans’ Day.”              Before I cite an abbreviated … Continue reading

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Cut It With the Negative Waves

This week we’re talking about the upcoming Veteran’s day and it looks like we’re all picking our favorite war movies. Before I get to that though, I’d like to share a little story with y’all. When I graduated from high … Continue reading

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Top Gun

This Friday is Veteran’s Day so I decided to kick off the week by celebrating my favorite military movie from my high school days with one of my favorite actors from back in the day. Yeah, Tom Cruise.  There.  I … Continue reading

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Happy 4th of July!

Today is the day we celebrate our nation’s independence.  For many folks, this day means picnics, parades, and fireworks.  Some may travel to celebrate.  When I stop to think about all the places I’ve spent the 4th of July…DC, San … Continue reading

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Citizen Soldier

I first saw this video at a movie theatre a long time ago. Fell in love with it. I’ve had it on my personal blog a few times, but hey, I needed to post it here, too. ~~~ ~~~ I’m … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Tribute

                    Who Do I Remember on Memorial Day?                                             By Jeff Salter              It feels a bit odd to write about Memorial Day three days after-the-fact.              Transitioned from Decoration Day (when the graves of Union and Confederate dead were … Continue reading

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A Different Perspective on Heroism

A Different Perspective on Heroism By Jeff Salter  Over-Use and Distortion             First of all:  I believe the words ‘hero’ and ‘heroic’ have been over-used and their meanings have been greatly distorted in recent years.  In their search for heroes, … Continue reading

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