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Imagine the Images

Well, here we are with an “Open Week” at 4F,1H and I have no book out and nothing recently published. There is no holiday, the New Year and Winter have been covered. Hmmmm. Not much new except a bunch of … Continue reading

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Creepy ‘Locals’

M absolutely creepiest neighbor was a real nut-job in my neighborhood when I was young, and there is a really funny story stemming from him about my father, but the funny part involves food and I said I’d break from … Continue reading

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That Neighbor

Are we blogging about neighbors this week? *frown* I don’t think I have actual notes anymore… Ah well, I don’t have creepy neighbors. The people living on one side of me are never home. I mean, I think they have … Continue reading

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Creepy Neighbor – Nope- Done That- How About Idiot Neighbor?

I already told this story about the murderer in the apartment complex so I can’t top that, but one of my recent neighbors used to sit in his garage that faced my house and watch us. He literally pulled out … Continue reading

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