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F is for Friday

Okay, totally lame, I know. But really, how lucky to have F for Friday considering I’m the Friday Fox? I mean, Friday’s TOTALLY ROCK. That’s my day off each week. Since I work retail (bookstore), my main hours are on … Continue reading

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Twilight me…

Since Wasteland released in September, I’ve been participating in lots of interviews, radio shows, etc and a common question has been, “If you could have any super power what would it be?” I’m like, “I can choose only one?” It’s … Continue reading

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Tennis anyone?

I didn’t do very well in school when it came to grades. It wasn’t that I was dumb or anything. Just….well, not focused. What was I focused on? You’d think a teenage girl would say boys, right? Not so much. … Continue reading

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It’s About The Book….

On the heels of talking about rejection, talking about critiques and reviews seems fitting. Because if you let it, a poor review or harsh critique will feel like rejection. Don’t let it.  Really, the reviews or critiques aren’t personal. Sure, … Continue reading

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The first time I’d really ever experienced that word was in sports. At a basketball game it’s often shouted out when a shot is blocked. And chanted rather mercilessly, too. But then I learned about a different side of the … Continue reading

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Being A Fangirl

Hey y’all, Hump Day Fox here. Instead of  doing a book review, I’d like to talk about being a fangirl of some amazing authors. I’ve mentioned before that I have so many favorite authors, I can hardly remember them all … Continue reading

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