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Thanks, but No Thanks

This week’s question: What about a theme would NOT entice you to buy? After thinking about this, I realized the key word here is BUY. I get a lot of books free – my iPad is full of books I … Continue reading

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Cover it Up!

This week’s question is, “What on a book cover entices you to pick up and buy?” There are certain authors whose names immediately draw my attention. If I see their names on a book and I have time to read, … Continue reading

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Spring Forward

This week, the ever-curious Hound asked the question, “Are you more productive/pleasant/punctual now that our clocks have moved ahead one hour?” I suppose back when I was in full-speed-ahead mode (teaching full-time, young kids at home, directing church choir, etc.) … Continue reading

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The Martini Club: Guest Author Post and Review

This week our mission was to interview and/or review a fellow author. I decided to chat with Alicia Dean, an Oklahoma author who amazes us all with her energy. In addition to being a working mom who churns out books … Continue reading

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Putting the Cart Before the Horse?

Topic of the week: Have you ever read books because of the movies based on them? How did they measure up? Preparing for this week’s post, I was really worried. As I’d mentioned, I don’t watch many movies, so I … Continue reading

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The Best Christmas Gift Ever

This week the topic is Memories of Christmas. I’ve lived through a lot of Christmases, and there are endless memories that I could share with you. But one particular memory has been on my mind lately, so I’m going to … Continue reading

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Warm Ears, Warm Hearts

It’s another free week, and I’m going to share with you another group of people whose company I enjoy on a regular basis.  This time I’m sharing a bit about one of my sewing groups – we call ourselves the … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks for the Little Things

This week we’re sharing things we are thankful for. I really have nothing to complain about, so I could be extremely brief and simply say I’m thankful for my life the way it is, but that wouldn’t be fair to … Continue reading

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Music Hath Charms…

We have another free week, and as I said last month I’d like to feature some of the groups of people in my life. This time I’d like to introduce you to some of the musical groups in which I … Continue reading

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Sugar and Spice Do NOT Make Everything Nice

I’ve already mentioned the fact that thanks to my wonderful hubby, I rarely cook. I can, and occasionally do create meals, but since he does such a nice job, I don’t have to. So this week’s topic of describing messed … Continue reading

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