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Thanks, but No Thanks

This week’s question: What about a theme would NOT entice you to buy? After thinking about this, I realized the key word here is BUY. I get a lot of books free – my iPad is full of books I … Continue reading

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Cover it Up!

This week’s question is, “What on a book cover entices you to pick up and buy?” There are certain authors whose names immediately draw my attention. If I see their names on a book and I have time to read, … Continue reading

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Spring Forward

This week, the ever-curious Hound asked the question, “Are you more productive/pleasant/punctual now that our clocks have moved ahead one hour?” I suppose back when I was in full-speed-ahead mode (teaching full-time, young kids at home, directing church choir, etc.) … Continue reading

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The Martini Club: Guest Author Post and Review

This week our mission was to interview and/or review a fellow author. I decided to chat with Alicia Dean, an Oklahoma author who amazes us all with her energy. In addition to being a working mom who churns out books … Continue reading

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Putting the Cart Before the Horse?

Topic of the week: Have you ever read books because of the movies based on them? How did they measure up? Preparing for this week’s post, I was really worried. As I’d mentioned, I don’t watch many movies, so I … Continue reading

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The Best Christmas Gift Ever

This week the topic is Memories of Christmas. I’ve lived through a lot of Christmases, and there are endless memories that I could share with you. But one particular memory has been on my mind lately, so I’m going to … Continue reading

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Warm Ears, Warm Hearts

It’s another free week, and I’m going to share with you another group of people whose company I enjoy on a regular basis.  This time I’m sharing a bit about one of my sewing groups – we call ourselves the … Continue reading

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