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Yes, I’m Guilty

One thing I’m constantly battling is procrastination, and I’ve discovered that I avoid tasks by engaging in several activities that bring me joy, although the time, money, and/or calories may or may not be good for me. So this week, … Continue reading

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Productivity Lost and Found

What Drains and/or Blocks My Potential Productivity? By Jeff Salter Gosh, this is a deep topic… and to think, I was the one who proposed it (way back when). As our Friday Fox recently said (paraphrased), “I wish I could … Continue reading

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Bite and Type

When I sit down to write, I usually have a snack nearby. I think most of the time I use it as a means of procrastination. Most snacks leave some type of residue on your fingers so I don’t want … Continue reading

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How my writing time changes with the seasons

I am able to procrastinate quite well in all of them. It’s easier to procrastinate in the summer when the weather is nice because ‘the sun is shining, we should be outside,’ and ‘I can’t write and watch the baseball … Continue reading

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Cryptozoology in my back yard

Bigfoot or Sasquatch, if you prefer, has always been an intriguing subject to me. As a child one of my friends told me she saw one peeking out behind an evergreen on her property up north. Whether a large, hairy … Continue reading

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Out With the Old,In With the New

Here we are in the beginning of 2014… and how did THAT happen?! I once wrote in a poem: As years go past, they travel fast, Though days can seem so long. But gee, this year, not even the days … Continue reading

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Procrastination Where did it come from in my life? I never liked to have pressure. I used to do my homework right away, starting on Friday evening and finishing on Saturday morning even if I had no weekend plans. And … Continue reading

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Be It Therefore Resolved

                            … Not to take resolutions too seriously                                                         By Jeff Salter              I don’t think much about ‘new years’ resolutions, frankly.  At least I didn’t until this week when I’ve read three columns (so far) here on our group blog. … Continue reading

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