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Jumping In… again

I submitted a manuscript for the first time in almost two years last week. It doesn’t get any easier. I wrote the query letter and searched for agents, preferably ones that didn’t require a synopsis. After preparing the email, my hand hovered … Continue reading

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Different “Strokes”

This is a writers’ blog and one of our most published authors here came up with the topic of fan letters…all well and good, IF you have received a fan letter. I am not very well published and I hate … Continue reading

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The first time I’d really ever experienced that word was in sports. At a basketball game it’s often shouted out when a shot is blocked. And chanted rather mercilessly, too. But then I learned about a different side of the … Continue reading

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I Laugh At Rejections

It isn’t because I consider myself better than everyone else, but I have to take a laughing is better than crying approach to life. If I didn’t, I’d probably spend my entire day sniffling over something or other. When I … Continue reading

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