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Jumping In… again

I submitted a manuscript for the first time in almost two years last week. It doesn’t get any easier. I wrote the query letter and searched for agents, preferably ones that didn’t require a synopsis. After preparing the email, my hand hovered … Continue reading

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The Fear in Exposure

I remember reading a blog by Tawna Fenske about exposing  yourself. No, not that kind of exposing. It’s exposing yourself as a writer. The whole point of writing is to have others read your work, or it should be, but it’s one … Continue reading

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Surviving Rejection

        Maybe We’ll Get the Last Laugh After All                                     By Jeff Salter             Let’s narrow the scope of ‘rejection’.             Many of us have endured rejection such as being turned down for a date, not making the cut in drama … Continue reading

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I Laugh At Rejections

It isn’t because I consider myself better than everyone else, but I have to take a laughing is better than crying approach to life. If I didn’t, I’d probably spend my entire day sniffling over something or other. When I … Continue reading

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Growing a Shell

I’ve been writing for a long time but only began to submit my work for publication a few years ago. I started with short stories and still write them as well as novels and novellas. I like short stories because … Continue reading

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Rejection Preparation

So you’ve polished that manuscript and had your closest pals scrutinize your query letter.  You send it out into the world, full of hope that someone loves your baby as much as you do.  And then…duh-duh-duuuhhhhhhn…you get a rejection.  Or … Continue reading

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