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What will (did) you do with Leap Day?

If this was last year, I would have been excited to have an extra day to meet my running goal. Or an extra rest day. My goal was to run 2,015 miles during the year which averaged to just under … Continue reading

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Question of the week: What books or stories, (besides your own), would you like to see made into a movie? When I read I tend to envision the events happening as if there’s a movie running through my mind. Books … Continue reading

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Reader Interview: Advice for Romance Authors

This week’s task: find a friend or family member – or anyone we know who read something we wrote, or just reads romance in general – and interview them to see what kinds of things they want to see more … Continue reading

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The Martini Club: Guest Author Post and Review

This week our mission was to interview and/or review a fellow author. I decided to chat with Alicia Dean, an Oklahoma author who amazes us all with her energy. In addition to being a working mom who churns out books … Continue reading

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How Do I Love Thee…?

Have you ever been in a predicament in which you’re asked a question to which you SHOULD know the answer, but your mind draws a complete blank? That’s where I was when I looked at this week’s topic: a Valentine’s … Continue reading

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Marriages – they mature slowly

Fear is incomplete knowledge. ~~ Agatha Christie Free week here on 4F1H. Now I could talk about St Patrick’s Day, which is on the 17th March, but I suppose I did that last year. How much can one add to … Continue reading

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A Look Brings a New Outlook

We were asked this week to talk about the most romantic thing we had ever seen between tow people in public. I have a story. What I saw in one moment has not left me unmoved for over 30 years. … Continue reading

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Most Romantic Photo

By Jeff Salter We’re blogging this week about “most romantic…” Monday, on Iris’ blog, I mentioned – briefly and rather casually – what first came to my mind at this prompt.  In the three days since, I have not thought … Continue reading

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Love is in the air …

Welcome to another week of random thoughts and ramblings …. What do we have for you this week? What is the most romantic thing you have ever seen done between two people in real life? I think for me it was … Continue reading

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Star Trek

                                                      Capt. Kirk: You’d make a splendid computer, Mr. Spock.                                                       Spock: [taken aback] That is very kind of you, Captain! ~ Return of the Archons ~~~~~  Kirk: My friend is obviously Chinese. I see you’ve noticed the ears. They’re … … Continue reading

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