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Bigfoot and Nessie

My Favorite Mythical Creatures By Jeff Salter Before I explain how I can’t select just ONE creature to discuss today, let’s get something straight about the term “mythical.” If you find 100 people who DON’T believe griffins, unicorns, and flying … Continue reading

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There’s no place like home

It’s fitting that I write this post from Florida whose weather happens to be the exact opposite of Michigan’s today. The weather here is flirting with record highs in the high eighties while back home in Michigan, the wind chill … Continue reading

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What’s Lurking in the Woods?

Break out the blueberry bagels! It’s a Bigfoot romance. Well, not a romance with a Bigfoot or between two Bigfoots, but a romance in which a Bigfoot may play a role in getting the couple together. I signed a contract … Continue reading

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The Bigfoot File

As you probably know, I’ve been working on a story involving Bigfoot at an excruciatingly slow pace. Evidence needs to be painstakingly gathered, blurry and out of focus videos need to be watched. You know how it goes. Well, here’s … Continue reading

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Cryptozoology in my back yard

Bigfoot or Sasquatch, if you prefer, has always been an intriguing subject to me. As a child one of my friends told me she saw one peeking out behind an evergreen on her property up north. Whether a large, hairy … Continue reading

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